ICON and Naver Subsidy, LINE PLUS, co-found ‘Unchain’ to create decentralized applications that will help bring blockchain into our everyday lives.

During Consensus 2018, South Korean Project ICON announced a joint venture with LINE PLUS in order to build up their blockchain network, called Unchain. LINE PLUS, a subsidy of South Korean search engine giant Naver, is a large social platform that averages about 200 million users per month. This project aims to build decentralized applications that can help bring blockchain into our everyday lives.

Unblock, a subsidiary of LINE, will be working with ICON in order to create decentralized applications in which “users can be rewarded for contributions to the network.” H.K. Lee, currently a Technical Director at ICON, will be named CEO of Unchain and will lead this venture going forward.

“This joint venture with LINE is expected to connect significantly more users and DApps to the ICON network, bringing us that much closer to a “Hyperconnected World”.”


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