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The team behind the pioneering Evai.io platform are about to release the native EV token. The launch follows the development of the world’s first unbiased crypto-asset rating platform, which features over 1,000 cryptos and uses AI and machine learning. A great tool for both beginner and professional traders.

The platform allows you to minimize your risk. At the same time, you can maximize your potential profits. Now Evai is about to take the next step. So, without further ado, let’s look at what is happening at Evai (EV).

What is Evai (EV)?

The Evai project was formed in 2019. The team built the platform using Nobel Prize-winning research. Plus, world-leading liquidity and asset pricing models are in the mix. Evai is the world’s first unbiased and decentralized crypto rating platform. Although starting development in 2019, they launched in April 2021.

Initially, they started out with 20 crypto assets. However, this soon reached 1,000 assets by the end of 2021. The well-known CV VC Global Report 2022 from Switzerland, featured Evai. “One of the best-performing global blockchain projects“. CV VC ranks them in the service provider category.

Their rating system rank starts with A1 which means exceptional. Then there’s A1 to A3, there’s also B1-B3 and C1-C3. So, it goes all the way down to D and U. Which stands for Distressed and Untradeable. Evai covers crypto, DeFi, NFTs and metaverse assets.

The Evai protocol provides investors with neutral data. In turn, this allows for solid investment decisions and to identify value. In Q3 2022, Evai will launch an active portfolio. This will make AI and machine learning-based trading even easier. Find out more about Evai in our earlier article.

Evai (EV) token

Source: Evai website

Altcoin Buzz Trading Campaign With Evai

Altcoin Buzz invested $10,000 of our own money into a trading test with Evai. The results of this test, that ran during September 2021, were stunning. We split the amount up in equal parts for a beginner and pro trading test. After three weeks of trading, the results were as follows:

  • At beginner level, we managed a 34% profit over 5 coins. The $5,000 turned into $6,699.
  • However, at the pro level, we turned the $5,000 into $13,964. That is no less than a 179.3% increase. In this challenge, we also covered 5 coins. But, because this is pro trading, we added some extra TA tools. In this case, the RSI and Fibonacci retracements and extensions. You can read the full report here.

The EV Token Launch

Come April 28th, 2022, at 4pm GMT, Evai launches the EV token on PancakeSwap. Hodling this token will give some interesting benefits. The biggest advantage is in earning from protocol fees. For all EV trades, there’s a 1% fee. However, this fee flows back to EV holders as a reward.

Furthermore, Evai offers more opportunities to make profits. Their unique technology offers the following benefits.

  • Unbiased AI technology allows you to identify well-rated crypto assets.
  • Track your portfolio.
  • Download and customise dashboards
  • Unlock greater profits.
  • Follow their social channels and find out about tokens. Some of their predictions saw a 10x-100x increase. For example, check their Telegram group.

Evai dashboard

Source: Evai dashboard


The Evai team has developed a proven AI and machine learning technology. This technology evaluates over 1,000 crypto assets, all the time! With unbiased AI, it will identify highly rated crypto assets and has predictive capabilities. As a result, you can unlock greater profit opportunities. And you can earn a portion of platform trading fees if you decide to buy the EV token.

You can also check the results of our 30 days trading challenge in our YouTube News video below.

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