LOOK OUT For These Crypto IDOs For Feb 2023 | Seedify & More Launchpads

One universal truth in crypto. He who gets in early, is he who wins. IDOs, INOs, and IGOs are the best and proven ways to uncover the hidden 100x 200x crypto opportunities. So when are some new, interesting IDOs coming out?

Well, you guys have been asking. And we are listening. We waited until we had a list of some promising new projects. And now we do. Here are 4 of the most interesting IDOs coming online in Seedify.

1) The Mounts

Our first IDO today comes from our friends at Seedify. The project is The Mounts NFTs. You may already know that Seedify is a top launchpad for blockchain games. But The Mounts is something new for them.

So, Seedify is creating its own metaverse called SeedWorld. And The Mounts are the first NFT collection by Seedify to start populating SeedWorld. So this is their own collection. The collection goes on sale on February 13th with 10,000 available in the collection. 

Mounts are machines with storage that allow you to hold and transport items across SeedWorld. There are 3 types:

  1. Death Runner
  2. Sky Rider
  3. Blood Mother

And the Blood Mother mounts are the rarest. But as you play the game and get more items, the image changes and gets rare while you use the items in the game itself.

So, one of the cool things for both The Mounts holders and Seedify users generally is the resource to power the game called Ame. Ame is only made from burning Seedify’s  $SNFTS token. This helps reinforce Seedify’s claim that $SNFTS is deflationary. The more people actively use The Mounts collection in the game, the more $SNFTS burn to power them with Ame. That’s a great deal for the entire Seedify community.

How to Participate into The Seedify IDO

Seedify is using a raffle system for The Mounts. With either:

  1. 250 $SFUND (~$270), which is the Seedify staking token you need to qualify for launchpad investment OR
  2. 10,000 $SNFTS (~$50)

You can buy the raffle tickets. With these tickets, you can get on the whitelist to buy a Mount for 40,000 $SNFTS or ~$200. But this is a first come, first served process AND Seedify does not want only a few owners in its collection. So you can only whitelist yourself for 2 spots to buy 2 Mounts. Seedify wants as much decentralized ownership as possible.

2) Carbon

Carbon is a Web3 browser and it’s decentralized. It’s the biggest competition we’ve seen for the Brave browser. It’s also private. Like 100% privacy. They use some of the same privacy tech that Secret Network uses.

It has AdBlock built-in and connects easily to our favorite dApps. It works on mobile and desktop web and they have their own coin coming out $CSIX.

You can use the $CSIX token the same way Brave users use BAT. It’s a reward token or you can use it to get Pro Access with even more features. The token is a BEP-20 token on BNB Smart Chain.

Info About the Carbon IDO

The IDO for $CSIX will take place on 4 platforms:

  1. Poolz
  2. Bullstarter
  3. Enjinstarter
  4. And Trustswap

The sale will take place next week at a price of 1 cent per for 65 million out of the total supply of 1 billion.

So, the biggest part of the raise, $350,000, is going on at Trustswap. The total vesting schedule for the IDO is 5% at the Token Generation Event (TGE). Then monthly over the course of 5 months so a total of 5 months vesting isn’t bad for us as investors. The Team, seed investors, and marketing partners have either 24 or 48-month vesting schedules and we like seeing that.

So if you are interested in this one, pick your platform of choice and get on that whitelist so you can buy.

3) G4AL

Now an IDO from our friends at Enjinstarter. This one is G4AL or Games for a Living. I’m pretty sure you can guess what this is about. G4AL is building gaming tools like developer portals and game analytics or token creation. AND they are building their own games too.

This is like getting the best of a game builder and an active guild too in the same place. All that and an NFT marketplace too. They have 2 games already: Elemental Raiders and Diamond Dreams.

The Team is based in Barcelona and is public and known in the industry. All good signs. Aside from the blending of tools and marketplaces, it looks like the big innovation here is having both Web2 and Web3 versions of the games. That and being able to play across lots of different platforms like PCs and mobile. All these things help increase game adoption:

More About The G4AL IDO

The $GFAL token is a utility token to pay for all services on this Layer 1 blockchain as well as a governance token.

The IDO will take place in early March on Enjinstarter. It’s an ERC-20 token on the BNB Chain. The sale will be for 200 million at a price of 4/10s of 1 cent ($0.004) and represents 2% of the 10 billion total supply. A private sale is going on now at an even cheaper price if you can manage it. Seedify and Bit2Me are also supporting this public sale so you can sign up and register for tokens there too.

Do you have an IDO success story? Let us know about it in the comments.


Lastly, from one of the few decentralized launchpads we have ASYNC. The launchpad in question is Kommunitas on Polygon.

ASYNC is bringing token funding to small tasks. The $ASYNC token will be for those payments. AI helps to link freelancers with jobs to do. Yet the platform itself looks less like Fiverr and more like Trello or Asana, for those of you who are familiar. After all, the idea is asynchronous work with escrow based $ASYNC tokens for payments.

$ASYNC’s utility extends to locked staking for validator use and for contributors to stake in a locked or unlocked way. We’ve seen this with some other tokens. Sometimes locked staking creates a pent-up demand for liquid versions of the token. And sometimes not.

Info About The ASYNC IDO

The IDO, as mentioned will take place on Kommunitas. Near the end of February you will be able to buy from the 2 million tokens on sale at a price of $0.025 or 2.5c each. The vesting schedule will be 20% at TGE and 13.33% each month. The total supply will be 633 million. After this sale of 2 million, 48 million or ~7.5% will be sold in public and private sales so far. The token will be available on Ethereum, and we figure given the launchpad on Polygon too.

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