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BinStarter has a rather unique approval mechanism. They make use of a mining-style approach. Furthermore, they use decentralized insurance. This insurance protects IDO investors for a 30-day period. For example, against damages that can happen due to various errors. Nomadland IDO participants will enjoy these benefits.

Furthermore, BinStarter has 23 successful TGEs to show for itself. According to CryptoRank, 85% of these TGEs are in gaming. This shows a solid foundation and expertise in this field. They raised a total of $3.38 million and have a 30-day market cap of $5 million. Their average ATH ROI is at 14.19x. Nomadland is in good company.

Now their next gaming gem is ready for its IDO. In this article, we explain how you can take part in the Nomadland IDO on BinStarter.

Discover Nomadland: An Action RPG and Strategy Game Built on the Unreal Engine.

Nomadland is an island with a hostile and hard climate. The main character goes by the name of Ranzuhn. You can build or farm on the island. But there are also battles with monsters and carnivore plants. Once you capture them, you can train them. This will result in moving up in the game ranks. Furthermore, you can make new weapons and armor or fight other players in the Arena.

The game allows you to explore all the island because monsters come to catch Ranzuhn. From here, your journey and the game start. You can collect mystical plants and recipes. It’s important to collect the mystic flames. These allow you to speed up your progress in the game. Furthermore, they will help you in battles. Build a farm and keep upgrading it.

The better your building and farm strategy are, the stronger you will grow. In all game aspects. For instance, you can win the weaponry NFTs in battle. However, you can also buy them in the game’s marketplace. 

The Nomadland roadmap has a testnet and beta access for Q2 in 2022. Q3 will see the release of the mainnet and Nomadland will go live.


Source: Nomadland website

There will be 100 million NOMAD tokens. The public sale will have a total of 2 million NOMAD at $0.25 per token. This should raise $500.000. The seed and private round are good for another $2.7 million. The main use case is buying and swapping in-game NFTs. You can also get tokens during gameplay. For instance, by

  • Increasing your game rank.
  • Farming to produce resources that you can sell.
  • Staking NOMAD.
  • Trading NFTs.
What Is the Nomadland IDO About?

According to the BinStarter announcement, the IDO is on April 30th, 2022. However, first you need to get on the whitelist. The whitelist opened April 12th and closes April 29th at 16.00 UTC.

The BinStarter IDO

The Nomadland IDO on BinStarter has a seed sale of 12 million tokens at $0.10. Furthermore, there is also a private round with 10 million NOMAD tokens at $0.15. The public sale is on April 30th with 2 million tokens at $0.25.

In short, if you want to actively take part in this IDO, you need to follow these steps. First, you have to register for the whitelist. This closes on April 29th, at 16.00 UTC. So, to get a spot on the whitelist, you have two options.

  • Buy and stake BinStarter’s native BSR token. You can do this at PancakeSwap
  • Complete these tasks on Gleam, this doesn’t require you to stake BSR. The top 10 of this list receive a whitelist spot plus 40 random participants.

There are 3 phases during the IDO. Hence, the more BSR you stake, the higher your ranking in the 6 tier-system is for the April 30th IDO. The requirements for the tier-system and an explanation of the 3 phases are here. Here you can also find tasks you need to complete once you are on the whitelist. These are mainly following social media accounts.

Pool Details

Token Type: BEP20
Token Ticker: NOMAD
Price per Token: $0.25
Total Allocation: $100,000
Vesting Schedule: 25% at TGE, 25% / month
Initial Market Cap: $537,500
Accepted Currency: $BUSD

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