Time Raiders

Play-to-Earn (P2E) NFT game platform, Time Raiders, has released details of its upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

According to the announcement, the Time Raiders IDO launch is expected to take place on BinStarter. BinStarter is also well-known for its focus on security both for startup projects and for liquidity providers (LPs).

Time Raiders’ IDO on BinStarter

This is an IDO event for NFT enthusiasts that you should look forward to taking part in. According to the announcement, the main IDO event will start on March 17th, 2022. In line with this, Tim Raiders has commenced a whitelist for interested participants.

Registration for the whitelist commenced on March 1st, 2022, at exactly 4 pm (UTC), it is expected to close on March 16th, 2022. The winners will be announced on March 17th, 2022.

After the whitelist, the IDO event will start immediately. Time Raiders IDO on BinStarter will take place in three (3) phases namely.

  • Phase 1 – (Guaranteed Allocation and Gleam) – This phase will take place on March 17th, 2022, between 4 pm and 7 pm (UTC) and will be followed by
  • Phase 2 – FCFS on remaining cap for $BSR tokens stakers. Also on March 17th, between 8 – 8:30 pm. If there are tokens left, phase 3 will commence.
  • Phase 3 – (Public FCFS. This phase will start if Phase 2 is not over. It will also take place on March 17 starting at 8:30 pm until sold out.
Other Important Details of The IDO

The IDO token will be based on the Polygon (MATIC) chain with the XPND token, and its price will be $0.022. Also, it has an initial market cap of $666.902, and a total allocation of $200,000. $BUSD is the exclusive currency to participate in the IDO sale.

Moreover, the IDO will have six (6) tiers of pools depending on stakers minimum stake $BSR tokens. The first pool will require a minimum of 500 $BSR tokens. Stakers in this pool will obtain 1 lottery ticket with a pool wight of 1x. From Pool 2 – Pool 6, stakers guarantee  1 allocation and a steady increase in pool weight.

Find out more about the upcoming IDO here.

How to Participate in Time Raiders’ IDO on BinStarter?

On the other hand, to take part in the Time Raiders’ IDO event you need to:

  • Register for the whitelist.
  • Purchase $BSR tokens. The best DEX platform to purchase $BSR is on PancakeSwap. You can purchase $BSR tokens right until the IDO sale date to qualify for allocations.
  • Follow both BinStarter and TimeRaiders social channels on Twitter and Telegram
  • Join and subscribe to announcements on Time Raiders and BinStarter Telegram community groups.
  • Like and retweet the Tweet below.
  • Lastly, is to wait patiently for the allocation announcement

More on Time Raiders

Imagine World War II but with Nazis invading London. This is the game setting of Time Raiders. The game is in the year 2247, where someone introduces players to a black market where users can buy or sell items. Also, players can use portal to go to other eras.  Therefore, providing a perfect opportunity for social misfits to get a chance at fame, wealth, and infamy.

Moreover, simply put, Time Raiders is a shoot-and-loot NFT game.

Time Raiders

Source: Time Raiders

You can also join Discord Channel of Time Raiders to learn more.

BSR Price Outlook

Finally, at the time of writing, the price of BSR was trading at $1.04 with a 24-hour trading volume of $274,766. The token price is also up by 12.7% in the last 24 hours.

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