Nothing is safe anymore, the cyber attacks are a major issue, even the most secure exchanges have been hacked. While I can not solve the cybercrime issues, I can show you how to safeguard yourself before and after such cybernetic breaches.

So far, we know that during the Binance attack, hackers have got their hands on data from some 2fa keys and API keys. It’s uncertain which kind of data, however, I will assume it involves the login credentials.

How to safeguard yourself after the attack

You should immediately change the password and disable and re-enable the google 2fa in order to reset it. If you are using the same password on other exchanges, you should change it there as well. I will suggest using a different password for every exchange. There are apps like LastPass, Apple’s Keychain(on mac) and so on, that can help you generate random passwords and guarantee safe storage for them.

How to prevent someone from accessing your accounts

Well, first thing first, I’d recommend a computer dedicated only to cryptocurrency related stuff. My operating system of choice would be Mac OS. I recommend using strong (unique) passwords and the use of 2fa authenticator over SMS if you have that option on your exchange. SMS authentication has been proven very vulnerable, and if you are currently using it on Binance and any other exchange, I’d suggest disabling it and use the Google authenticator alone. Another good thing to do is changing the passwords more often, and resetting the 2fa authenticator every month, or every few months. Phishing is another type of attack one should watch out for. To prevent phishing attacks, always check if you are on the right website, maybe have it saved under bookmarks. Phishing can also be done via email, so always make sure you are dealing with an official email. Binance offers a nifty feature to prevent phishing through email and you should enable it if you haven’t already. The last, but not least thing to consider is having a good antivirus.

Keep in mind that it’s better to store your crypto on a private wallet after you have finished trading. This way you don’t have to worry about your funds getting stolen after a security breach on exchanges.

Everything I said in above should not only help to prevent your exchange account from getting hacked but should also keep your stuff safe.

Key Notes:

  • Avoid using SMS authentication if Google 2fa is available.
  • Look out for phishing.
  • Use strong multiple passwords.
  • You may want to avoid using API.
  • Avoid visiting or downloading silly stuff.


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