NEO Economy Launches Token Swapping Platform

NEO Global’s Director of Ecosystem Growth, Lili Zhao, adds to the big names joining Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC).

The conference panelist will address topics related to stablecoins and its role in crypto volatility.

Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC) has consistently attracted top personalities from the blockchain industry. A recent addition is NEO Global’s Director of Ecosystem Growth, Lili Zhao.


More info on the program

The event is scheduled to take place between July 10 and 11 at the International Convention Center in Barcelona. The conference will be hosted by Finance Magnates, and is expected to bring together executives and key industry players.

Ms. Zhao is expected to feature on the panel, joining Miko Matsumura and several others. They will discuss stablecoins as an area of focus.

The NEO Director of Ecosystem Growth has built an applaudable resume in the cryptocurrency sector. She has occasionally appeared at marquee events and symposiums.

Adding to her role at NEO Global, she has also served in a number of advisory and board membership roles. She served in organizations like MedMira Inc, LiveTree ADEPT, VETRI, and others.


Topic of discussion

The Barcelona Trading Conference will also feature thorough developers’ workshop on the NEO blockchain.

The members of the panel will focus on the benefits of programmable and how investors can protect themselves from a worst-case stablecoin scenario will be addressed. It will include the differences between centralized, crypto-collateralized, and non-collateralized stablecoins.

Cryptocurrencies continually experience rapid price movements and volatility. Although, this boom or bust cycle has paid off sometimes for investors interested in arbitrage, it has also proven to be one of the biggest barriers in heading towards universal adoption of a tokenized economy.

More information about the conference will be announced soon.


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