Square Enix Invests in Ethereum-Based Sandbox

Pixowl is a world-renowned game developing company. It is popular for developing games such as Garfield: Survival of the Fattest and Goosebumps HorrorTown.  The game franchise already has more than one million active users daily, most of which are in South Korea. This expansion is expected to attract more players to the gaming platform.

The parent company of Pixowl, Animoca Brands, shed more light on the situation. The game developers are looking to provide support for Klaytn. Klaytn is a blockchain platform built by Kakao. Kakao is the most popular messaging app in South Korea with over 220+ million users. The app also has over 90 percent market penetration and about 50 million active users every month.

The alliance of Sandbox with this blockchain platform will create massive awareness for Sandbox as well as equip it with features needed to compete with other blockchain based game platforms like Decentraland. The Korean market is quite famous for its love for gaming and crypto.

About the Sandbox

The Sandbox, just like Minecraft, is an open-world game. It has the ability to create static or animated voxel objects. While transferring the game to the blockchain each in-game item becomes a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). NFT can be transferred between any game within Animoca’s gaming metaverse.

The Korean market is a very favorable place for the gaming industry. Most of the games we know today were first proven in the Korean open market. By switching over to digital and blockchain-based games, Pixowl and Animoca may be on the right track to making crypto mainstream.


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