Safe Haven Rewards Community Dedication

Safe Haven (SHA) announced via its twitter handle that it will establish a long-term dedication to the community. 

“To celebrate the NODE application release, we decided to thank and reward our loyal community with our new BOOST program. Also, our BOOST program is open till the end of this year,” Safe Haven tweet revealed.

Furthermore, 1.2B $SHA has been soft locked in NODE and 1.6B $SHA has been transferred to all SafeNode addresses according to the SafeNode results.

The tweet said: “We are excited to share the current SafeNode results since the launch last week. 1.2B $SHA has been soft locked in NODE and 1.6B $SHA has been transferred to all SafeNode addresses. SHAMAZING!”

How does it work?

The BOOST Program aims at increasing the circulating supply. Hence, ensuring enough liquidity available as the Safe Haven solutions roll out.

The cryptocurrency company takes this step to show appreciation to the community their dedication.

The blog states: “Last week we successfully released NODE, our Masternode application. We realize that it took more time than we expected and feel that our community stood by us the entire time. Therefore, we have decided to launch our BOOST Program and reward our incredibly dedicated community members.”

Accordingly, Safe Haven’s reward entails allocating 200,000,000 SHA token in a special reward pool. Then, distributing them to SafeNode holders over 24 months.

Besides, SafeNode holders can enjoy 8,333,333 SHA tokens monthly. Although, it’s based on their eligible pool where Connect Nodes receives 3%. Also, Harbor Nodes gets 8%, Consensus Nodes receives 32%, and Legacy Nodes receives 57%.

Importantly, the pool only applies to those who bind their node within the app before January 1, 2020. The distributions end on December 2021.

Also, the post informed that losing your node status within the timeframe results in a loss of special rewards. “During the process you can upgrade your SafeNode, entering a higher tier to receive larger rewards. Also, distributions take place every final day of the month throughout the period,” the post said.

What’s Safe Haven (SHA) about?

Safe Haven is a cryptocurrency token issued on the VeChain platform. It contains multiple asset management solutions focused on B2B2C clients. The company’s primary product remains inheritance solutions. Hence, creating value through exchanges, wallets, and protecting users’ digital assets.

Currently, Safe Haven (SHA) is trading a $0.00045987 with a 24-hour trading volume of $30,965 (press-time).

Before now, Safe Haven announced the launch of SafeKey, hardware for 2FA and Crypto Inheritance


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