‘Multivac is a high-throughput flexible Blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computation’ designed for large-scale and complicated decentralized applications. It prides itself on high throughput, flexible computation and infinite scalability. The technology is said to be redefining sharding and smart contracts using trusted probability models, ledger transaction sharding, flexible computing models and Byzantine Consensus Family. The Multivac Ecosystem creates a flexible computing and trusted programming system aiming to lead an outbreak in DApp development and solve the scalability issues associated with keeping Blockchain from being adopted in large industrial Enterprises.



  • CEO/Founder – Frank Lyu – Experience as Founder and CTO for which is a human resource system along with working at Meituan-Dianping as a Technical Director and Data Engineer, which is China’s No. 1 Marketplace for Services and online to offline platform.
  • CTO/Co-FounderDr. Shawn Ying – PhD. In Computing Science. Software engineer at Baidu in 2008-09, Professor at Nanyang Technological University.
  • CMO/Co-founderClaire Wang  Director of Marketing at for 3 years leading over 20 employees. Project Product manager for Meituan-Dianping. Degree in Public Administration and Affairs Management.

Business/Marketing Team:

  • Currently only the Tech/R&D Teams have been released. Business experience is amongst many of the Founders, Tech Team members and Advisors in senior positions of business development, marketing and engineering.
  • More Details will be released soon.

Tech Team:

  • Algorithm Researchers– Dr Li Ge, Dr. Sun Hong, Dr. Zhang Minqu, Lu Koupin, Lu Junyu and more.- Broad education from Harvard, Tianjin Uni, Nanyang Technological Uni, Tsingua University, Stanford. – Background in statistics, quantitative trading strategies, cryptography, AI, Computing Science and experience in companies including Microsoft and Goldman Sachs. See more here.
  • R&D Engineers – He Liang, Wu Jiajun, Dong Zhong, Li Yuan, Lin Nan, Libo Shen, Lu Lu and more. – Education from McGill, Nanyang and Tsingua Universities. Experience in companies including Google, Facebook, Alibaba and more. Experience in software engineering, large-scale distributed systems, Big data, Site Reliability engineering and lots of senior engineering roles.


There are currently 7 advisors in the team mentioned, some impressive additions we have expanded on:

  • Advisors – He Ying, Lai Bingqiang, Chen Liang, Johnny Lyu.
  • Yang Jun – Co-founder and CEO of Meituan.Founder of Skyline Venture and Huimei Healthcare
  • Cheng Chang – Founding Researchers of Blockchain service platforms.
  • Roger Lim – Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital. Advisor to Bluezelle, Qlink, Coinfi and more.


The founders are very intelligent and have excellent experience in different technologies and senior roles of founding/management of other notable tech companies. Particularly the experience at Meituan-Dianping and Baidu show their calibre and is very promising. They do seem to lack direct blockchain experience in the past however.

With the business team not being released on the website yet it is hard to give an accurate review although we can see the extensive management and business experience amongst the founders, tech team, advisors and the prominent VC funds backing the project.

With numerous algorithm researchers who have strong backgrounds and education they create a solid support for the CTO.  The research and development engineers again are broad and have a lot of depth in ability and experience. The tech team is looking very strong in regards to experience in relevant non-blockchain projects but may lack a bit of blockchain experience.

The 7 advisors in the team particularly Roger Lim is promising with the lacking business and blockchain experience of the founders and tech team being supported through the multiple advisors.

Overall – the team is looking pretty great. With a strong founder and management group and  impressive technology team they seem like a great fit for the Mutlivac Project. The only downfalls seem like the slight lack of blockchain experience along with the full release of the business/marketing members which we hope to see soon.



Multivac is designed for large scale and complicated decentralized applications. They’re aiming to solve 3 fundamental problems with the traditional Blockchain platforms, Including; Creating shards from network nodes for transaction and smart contract processing in a trustworthy manner, allowing for scalability in the network, Processing transactions and updating records using trusted shards and verifying correct and honest execution of smart contract code by network nodes.

They are striving to have a high-throughput, flexible computation for developers to make DApps  with their own parameters and requirements and be infinitely scalable. They introduce the impossible triangle in which developers have to either fore-go Scalability, Security or Decentralization in regards to development of DApps so they have a flexible solution for the developers to choose these on their own.


Market and Competition:

There is a large demand for on-chain scaling solutions and scalability is considered one of the main reasons for the lack of mainstream adoption of blockchain. There are currently many solutions out there who are aiming to solve these issues. Projects in the similar space have gained market shares of over $1b as can be found on CoinGecko.

QKC, ZIL, PAI are just three of those examples who are competitors in the cryptocurrency market. Quarkchain aims to be a high capacity peer to peer transactional system and ZIL offers a permissionless distributed network with their core feature of sharding.

QKC ICO in June had a very impressive run going up to over 30x ICO price before settling at around 2-3x in the current bear markets. ZIL had their ICO earlier, in January when the market was more in a bullish time however the listing was during the downturn and it still manages to hold 11-12x gains showing strong demand for such projects. PAI has returned around 0.56x since ICO in May in which shows that the projects must be top quality to maintain the higher growth in these current market conditions.

Multivac aims to differentiate from the competition in a number of ways, specifically through referring to the ‘impossible Triangle’ consisting of projects forgoing either Decentralization, Security and/or Scalability. Multivac is offering a flexible infrastructure of the DApps to set their own parameters between the features allowing for example a DApp requiring High security and Decentralization without large scalability requirements can choose a large shard and adjust their developer parameters accordingly. Working the same on the other side with a DApp wanting high throughput choosing a small shard with greater security and high scalability.

Multivac are at a bit of disadvantage in regard to timing of competitors and real working solutions on offer.

Business Challenges:

The large business challenges for Multivac will come in regards to being adopted in comparison to competitors particularly in regards to the disadvantage of their timeline in releasing test and main-nets. There are many technologically difficult things to achieve for Multivac however they need to focus on the business side of things to be successful particularly in the bear market we are currently in.


Only the technical Whitepaper is released now. It shows the uses of blockchain and problems with traditional solutions – how the technology will work in regard to Flexible Sharding, Transactions, consensus and more in detail. The Business whitepaper is expected soon which should outline the token utility, execution plans, competition, fund allocation and token metrics etc.


There are no announcements of any partnered DApps or projects running using the Multivac platform, However there is a strong backing from strategic investors and partners including: TGL Capital, NEO Global Capital, Kosmos Capital, Signum Capital and more.


There seems to be a large market and demand for on-chain scaling solutions as shown by the competitors success in the market. Multivac are differentiating themselves well, focusing on the flexibility of DApps for developers which is very interesting and exciting.

The market is however quite saturated and the competition is high meaning Mutlivac will have to step up their game and hopefully see some partnerships soon of DApps planning to be built on  the platform. This will also help with the adoption in the market as at the moment although hype for the project is high – it could be boosted with a good partnership which is much needed in the current market conditions.

The technical whitepaper is detailed and well written explaining the solutions to their on-chain scaling and makes us excited for what they have in plan however the lack of business execution plans and responses to the on-going adoption is not promising and we hope to see this soon along with all Token Metrics.

Overall, the Mulitvac idea is not necessarily original however they are focusing on the ‘impossible triangle’ and allowing for the flexibility of developers which should see a large demand. Although a competitive market the success of competitors puts Mulitvac in a strong position even in this bear market with its only downsides the lack of partnerships and business execution plan.


Use of Blockchain:

Multivac are utilizing blockchain technology in a variety of ways and to solve current issues:

Creating shards from network nodes for transaction and smart contract processing in a trustworthy manner – allowing for scalability in the network. Solving this through a novel probability model based on Verifiable Random Functions (VRF).

Processing transactions and updating records using trusted shards, using Byzantine consensus to reach internal consensus within a shard.

Verifying correct and honest execution of smart contract code by network nodes through designing an optimized  Virtual Machine (Multivac Virtual Machine MVM). MVM verifies contract execution through Proof of Instruction Execution.

Multivac have given the current approaches to solving the blockchain issues here and explained why sharing technology is the ‘most effetive solution for base-layer public blockchains to achieve scalability and performance’.

Multivac states that they  ‘offer a next-generation public blockchain for industrial-scale dApps, a groundbreaking solution that achieves scalability in not only transaction processing but also blockchain storage, and transmission. We have developed a trusted sharding technology that empowers the blockchain system with high throughput, flexible computation, and unlimited scalability, and are building a robust decentralized application ecosystem founded on our high-throughput flexible model based on trusted sharding computation.’


The public MVP/Testnet is expected to be released in 2018 Q4. The project is still quite in the idea and theoretical stage.

Token Utility:

Token Utility along with Metrics has not directly been released however the utility of the token will lay in regards to provenance and consensus of the network along with the entry to utilize the Multivac Platform similar to that of its competitors.

Technological Challenges:

The obvious and main challenge of the entire Multivac project is current the greatly limited transaction performance and scalability of Platforms that make it impossible for current blockchains to satisfy industrial demand. Multivac have said to have a solution using the number of technologies above however it is all theoretical and we are yet to see any real progress. We will see the real technological issues with the project upon release of the testnet.


The uses of Blockchain seem impressive with the Multivac team certain that they have found the most effective solution to the scalability of blockchain platforms. As they mention they have found a groundbreaking solution to not only the transaction processing but also blockchain storage and tranmission – although this may be true and it seems like the team is more than capable of doing so – we have had to become more harsh in the technology rating. With a project at ICO stage and no MVP to prove the solutions to the technological challenges – everything is theoretical.

The token utility has not explicitly been released yet as well which is not promising with the crowd-sale expected around the corner.

Although the flexibility and use of technology seems impressive and we hope for it to be successful in doing everything it is supposed to – we are being more harsh and have to penalize due to this factor as a company trying to raise many millions of dollars with no functioning product and just an idea is slowly coming to an end.


Social Media/Website:

The website has a good user interface and the information of the project is easily accessible including social media links. There is 6000+ Twitter followers and the account is active on the ICO behalf but not as much on the community behalf. This is not the case with the Telegram with the community being active and there being 23k+ organic members with no airdrop incentive. The growth has been steady of new members and the admins are responsive and helpful. The lack of token metrics has the been the mass of conversation with eager community members wanting to find out.

The Medium account is impressive with bi-weekly updates and official announcements often, being transparent with the community and discussing issues that arise and progress in the development. There is no associated, Reddit, Bitcoin talk or other social media channels for MTV.

There is a array of press releases about MultiVac including the CryptoBriefing Review and Bitcoin Exchange Guide. The ICO review YouTube community as picked up  a positive interest and sentiment surrounding the project being reviewed by numerous channels. Ian Balina has also taken a liking to the project rating is one of his highest selections.

The Multivac team seem to be active in engaging with events such as the recent Amazing CXO and JRR Eco Alliance Group along with an interview with the ICO drops team. They have begun putting a larger focus on marketing prior to the ICO rather than being in lock down for the technology development.

Market Hype and Sentiment:

With the team having been focusing on the technology more so than the marketing leading up to now there is an impressive amount of hype and the project has gained a fair bit of traction. With the whitelist expected soon people are seeing MTV as a potential Quarkchain or ZIl in the ICO market. The notable VC funds on board has also added to this hype and increased demand particularly in the private sale. Overall there is a positive sentiment surrounding the project although there has been some FUD about some VC’s selling their allocations OTC however Multivac have dealt with this and are refunding the VC, making their allocation void and taking legal action.


There is strong growth in both the Twitter and Telegram channels for the project and the members and communication seems organic and promising. The admins and community engage well in the Telegram and there is a common sense of positivity in the group. It is a shame the Token Metrics are not available yet with a large mass of questions targeted at that topic.

The medium bi-weekly updates are great and the team is constantly updating the community on Marketing, Team, Partnership and Tech updates through both Medium and Telegram.  With the large VC firms such as NGC as well as having Roger Lim as an advisor has helped with the strong demand and hype for the project however In smaller circle VC spaces the project has not been as popular. Also Ian Ballina rating Multivac one of his top ICO picks has led to the community wanting to learn more about the project.

Overall with the amount of time spent on the technology and lack of marketing/business focus the project has picked up a lot of traction in the ICO space and is looking promising in that regard.

Token Metrics:

Token Metrics have not been officially released by the MTV team yet. There is no accuracy in speculating with the only released information the Tech Roadmap. This section will have to be updated upon release. The Pre-sale is on-going and the Crowd sale is TBA with the Whitelist expected in September.

Fund Breakdown:


Private Sale/Bonus:



The roadmap is laid out well regarding Technology milestones however does not have any mention of business goals or timelines such as exchange listings, partnerships etc. The test net is expected to be released in 2018Q4 according to the Tech Roadmap.  The Mainnet Launch is in 2019 Q2.


With no Token Metrics released we have removed them from the Rating for now and will update accordingly.

X – Factor Bonus:

The project ratings account accurately with no need for adjustment of the X -Factor bonus we believe.

Final Rating:

Overall  the project is seeming quite strong with a great technical team, interesting idea with the focus on the flexibility for developers and a good traction in the market. The downfalls which are dampening the project is the lack of business team member information available, the testnet/MVP not being ready until Q4 2018 which is expected to be after the crowd sale and the token metrics which have yet to be officially released. There also seems to be a lack of business execution or adoption plan mentioned and we hope to see this in a business whitepaper soon.

We have decided to be more harsh moving forward, on projects who are at the crowd sale stage and trying to raise money however lack an MVP to practically prove the solutions to the technological challenges stated rather than just theoretically solving them with explanations in the whitepaper.

We still believe the project has great potential and with the release of the token metrics, the future business team and the Testnet it really could see good growth. However due to the lack of MVP and other things mentioned we have rated it at 72. Keep an eye on this project for updates, we are!



***  MVP/Prototype Rating Metric for ICO’s in the Crowd Sale compared to presale and private sale will be more strict.

This analysis was produced by The Altcoin Buzz ICO Research and Analysis Team. Members: Shashwat Gupta, Andrew Grapsas, Mohak Agarwal with the help of other members of the Altcoin Buzz Team and Community.


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