IGO launchpads

IGO launchpads are decentralized platforms that allow anyone to invest in IGOs in their initial stage which gives exceptional returns. There are IGO launchpads platforms that are exclusive to one and multiple blockchains.

Many of them not only allow you to buy the internal token but also provide an NFT marketplace. On the other hand, in case you are an entrepreneur, you can apply your project and raise public investment in this way.

Therefore, according to CoinGecko, there are 34 different launchpads tokens in the ecosystem, where the most used are reaching a USD 0.7 million market cap just like in the picture below:

Top Launchpad Coins by Market Capitalization

Source: CoinGecko

In this article, you will learn the top 4 IGO launchpads platforms and how to start participating in them today.

Launchpad #1 : Seedify

Seedify is an incubator and IGO launchpad for blockchain games on Binance Smart Chain. It was founded in early 2021 and has conducted 4 successful IGO’s to date.

Also, Elrond, a leading blockchain network, integrated Seedify Launchpad to allow IGOs to issue their tokens directly on the Elrond Network. Therefore, the all-time high IGO ROI of Seedify is 55x, and close to $730K funds have been raised via the IGOs. Finally, some of the successful IDO’s have been CryptoMeda with 185x ROI.

How does Seedify works?

Seedify offers 9 tiers. Each tier has a different pool weight and requires users to lock in $SFUND (Seedify Fund tokens). Tier 1 is a lottery pool Tier 2 – Tier 9 are guaranteed pools.

Also, 25% of tokens get distributed to token holders who are staking $SFUND. $SFUND holders can also stake the token and earn yield farming rewards.

Launchpad #2 GameFi

GameFi has been developed by the labs behind Red Kite launchpad, one of the biggest IGO launchpads in the ecosystem. It recently finished its Initial Game Offering (IGO) for Kaby Arena, a free-to-play NFT game. Therefore, the IGO was very successful as within 48 hours of the event, Kaby token’s growth was 17.55x.

How GameFi evaluate projects 

GameFi offers different Pools to the participants. Each pool has a different slot value. For example, for DeathRoad IGO slot values are $100 and $40. This platform has a “first come first serve” criteria and the winner earns a slot for participation in the IGO.

As a result, the first IGO event raised in GameFi over USD48,000 USDT. Since the beginning, GameFi has completed 1 IGO and 1 crowd loan event, and it’s coming up with 4 more IGO’s now. 

Finally, the most important event happening around GameFi in September 2021 is its first token generation IDO event that is happening on Red Kite, Maker DAO, and GameFi. Nevertheless, IDO Dates have not been announced yet. 

Launchpad #3 Gamestarter

Gamestarter is a gaming-focused IGO launchpad built on Polygon Chain. This platform will be part of the Polygon gaming studio as a platform. Also, is considered one of the most prominent layer-2 solutions and it’s native token $Game is already live on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, and gate.io.

In fact, $GAME is among the top 10 launchpad coins by current ROI. just like the statistics shown in the picture below:

On the other hand, GameStarter’s early access platform is live for subscribers and a full-featured platform is launching this month. PixelPixio, DarkFrontiers, and ProjectSeed have all confirmed that their pre-sales will take place via GameStarter.

Launchpad #4 Enjin Starter

It’s a launchpad focused on Blockchain Gaming and Metaverses built on Enjin’s Jumpnet. A very important feature of Enjin Starter being built on Jumpnet, which will offer no gas fees for transactions, yield farms for gamified DeFi and NFTs.

In addition, game creators may earn funds for their projects based on Enjin goods by selling NFTs. It’s important to say that the Enjin Starter team has a solid background in the gaming industry which is being advised by Enjin’s CEO and CTO, the pioneers of the crypto gaming and NFT space.

Finally, The Enjin Starter team is yet to announce the launchpad release dates but the whitelisting for the Token Generation Event is live.

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