Trodl Taps ZeeDO Over Token ($TRO) Sale
Trodl has tapped ZeeDO, a multichain Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform, over the sale of its native token (TRO) slated to take place between 4th and 6th April 2021.

Trodl, is a reputation-based crypto social media platform. It empowers the users with accurate and verifiable crypto information. Currently, it is preparing for its public beta launch and will distribute its token via ZeroSwap’s DEX platform.

ZeeDO, a staking platform that supports token sales on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, Polygon (formerly Matic), and Huobi’s Heco Chain, will provide ZeroSwap Community with the opportunity to participate in the distribution of Trodl by staking its native token ZEE.

According to the announcement, ZeeDo which utilizes Chainlink VRF/Randomiser to organize fair and transparent token sales will auction $60, 000 USDT worth TRO at $0.006 per TRO with $150 TRO per ticket.

Notably, there are three main steps to participate in Trodl token Sale on ZeeDO. Firstly, the user needs to stake ZEE; afterward, the user needs to apply for IDO, then claim a Proof of Participation (POP) ticket. Lastly, Proof of Winning (POW) tickets will be drawn.

Step by Step TRO Sale participation Guide

Stake ZEE: this is a pre-requisite to partake in the TRO token sale. Notably, 1500 ZEE is required to obtain one ticket and double the amount (3000 ZEE) for two tickets, and so forth. Also, participants can earn 64% APY for 90 days for staking ZEE.

Apply for TRO sale: After staking ZEE, users can apply for TRO on ZeeDO. It is important to note that participants staking on ZEE BEP20, and winning tickets on the BEP20 side, have to approve ERC20 ETH, to buy $TRO.

Time table for the TRO distribution

  • POP claiming start time: 4th April 5:30 AM UTC
  • POP end time: 5th April 11:30 AM UTC
  • POW draw time: 6th April 11:00 AM UTC

Currently, the ticket claiming is now live on Zeedo.

ZEE Prices

At the time of publication, ZeroSwap (ZEE) token has rallied by 85% in the last 7 days. Currently, it is trading at $1.81. The token currently has a circulating supply of 39 million coins and a max supply of 100 million coins.

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