Unreleased Project by Yearn Finance Lost $15 Million

The explosive growth of Yearn Finance lured DeFi scalpers to Eminence Finance, the next big Andre project. These high-risk appetite DeFi proponents lost $15 million as the unaudited code of Eminence was exploited by an attacker. The project was not due to go live for at least three weeks when information was to be made public. As a matter of fact, there is no website, no documentation, and no discussion groups that reveal any information about Eminence Finance.

Last night, Eminence smart contracts were deployed for a test in prod. No announcements were made by Yearn Finance as the code was still untested and unaudited. As soon as the DeFi community caught the wind, users started purchasing EMN tokens. Precisely, the tokens were bought using Dai via Etherscan. At the time of press, 22,522 Eminence token transactions can be seen on Etherscan.

Overnight rise and fall

This is not the first time a DeFi project faced such a rapid fall. It was Curve’s Curve token DAO which was the first project that was released without the knowledge of the creator. However, Curve’s code was near completion and luckily did not have any bugs to be exploited.

Disastrously, fate did not favor Eminence at all. Its code was still under construction and had a bug that was exploited by the attacker. Penetrating the code via a soft spot, the attacker swept the smart contract clean and made away with $15 million. However, the attacker did return $8 million to Andre’s yearn deployer account.

Following this, Andre has moved the funds to Yearn Treasury and, from there, these will be sent to EMN token holders. The amount of distribution will be based upon the pre-hack screenshot of the contract.

Crypto Community is with Andre

According to Andre, this was a simple exploit. The attacker minted a lot of EMN at the tight curve. Following which he could have burned it for other currency and then sold the currency for EMN.

Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO of TrustSwap, and many other leaders in the space are extending their support to Andre through their tweets. According to Kirdeikis, the code was unfinished and it is high time DeFi users start acting responsibly.

More about Eminence

At the time of the press, Andre states that he will continue building Eminence, the NFT game. The game was suggested by a Twitter user, IslandKiyo, and was inspired by a card-collecting role-playing game. What happened with Eminence and EMN holders makes it clear that DeFi users need to be patient until the contracts are audited and established.

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