Utrust Selected for Alchemist Accelerator Program

Cryptocurrency payment solution provider, Utrust has announced its selection into the Alchemist Accelerator program. The Alchemist Accelerator is the foremost B2B accelerator in the US.

Utrust is one of the first foreign investments from the Alchemist Europe fund. Utrust’s selection is an opportunity which they have agreed to take advantage of. Due to their product and expansion, Utrust believes that the opportunity comes at a perfect timing and would help them focus on growth.

About the Alchemist Accelerator program

The Alchemist Accelerator program claims they have the mission to provide funding to start-ups. It is an exclusive program with a focus on B2B companies, especially those who generate revenue from transacting with enterprises, rather than consumers directly. As this program is venture-backed and highly exclusive, it does not accept applications from every company.

Since its launch in 2012, over 400 businesses have been beneficiaries of the program. In addition, these businesses also enjoy direct access to the massively growing Alchemist global customer and partner community. After graduation from the program, over 40% of the selected startups still enjoyed funding, bringing it to about $794 million in total funding.

The six-month program comprises of 25 small class-size teams. Being part of this program, Utrust can gain easy access to mentorship by first-class educators, and also networking opportunities. In addition, the program also grants access to fundraising and renowned early customer adopters.

Utrust – the only blockchain company in the program

Having over 4,000 mentors and over 6,000 investors, the Alchemist Accelerator program funds about 75 startups in a year, over 3 batches. Notably, Utrust stands out as the only blockchain enterprise to be selected for the first batch of the program.

Since its inception, the Alchemist Accelerator has recorded incredible success as a result of its operation in Silicon Valley. With its European expansion, it sets out to use its massive network to empower more enterprises. These enterprises, in turn, will gain access to more investors and also to more customers.

Utrust believes that their selection into the program validates their products. As well as, their vision, and mission. As they intend to bring “the money of tomorrow” to the Alchemist Accelerator and to everyone as well. They are also calling on the crypto community to join them in their journey. Any merchant seeking to expand their business or customers seeking to get value for their money can participate in making their vision a reality.

We previously covered Utrust partnering with Alternative Airlines facilitating crypto payments.


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