Waves Protocol Sells 'Perfection' Duck NFT for 1 Million USDN

Another important non-fungible token (NFT) sale in the digital asset space has taken place. This time around, Waves.tech has sold its Duck NFT, dubbed “Perfection,” for $1,000,000 in USDN (Waves Neutrino Stablecoin).

According to a press release shared with Altcoin Buzz, the proceeds from the sale will be used for future buybacks of NFT duck packs that will be built by Hunters through the Duck Hunters games on Waves Protocol. Interestingly, the “Waves Duck” sale hit benchmarks outside of the popular Ethereum chain. From now on, Duck Hunters will showcase unique duck NFTs with DeFi yield farming options.

Based on the Waves protocol, Waves.tech is a next-gen technology ecosystem. The technology platform recently completed the sale of “Perfection” outside of the popular blockchain platform Ethereum. The NFT sold on SIGN Art, the blockchain-based digital art web gallery on the Waves blockchain for 1,000,000 USDN. To commemorate the successful sale of the NFT, the platform has released roadmap details of several proposed NFT gaming ideas alongside DeFi yield farming methods on Waves Protocol.

Details of the Genesis Duck NFT – ‘Perfection’

The Waves Duck NFT “Perfection” was created by Waves Protocol founder Sasha Ivanov. The NFT is the only one in a single series created by Sasha. It reportedly received approximately 40 bids during the auction before it finally sold for one million USDN.

The “Perfection” sale is currently the highest NFT sale carried out outside of the Ethereum blockchain, surpassing the LeBron James dunk ($208,000) on NBA Top Shot and Bitcoin Origin’s “4MB Block (M2),” which sold for $345,300 on user-friendly Atomic Hub.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) first went live on the Ethereum blockchain and have since garnered global attention. This widespread attention focused on NFTs has resulted in more blockchain protocols launching their own NFTs. A lot of these blockchain protocols (EOS, Flow, Waves, Tron, etc.) now also feature NFT marketplaces.

Waves protocol currently boasts of several DeFi features like its Neutrino protocol and its USDN stablecoin, its governance staking token NSBT, and Swop.Fi, its automated market maker (AMM).

Speaking on the sale and the Waves NFT marketplace, Sasha disclosed that the platform’s transaction fees are low-fixed, with transactions generally instantaneous. These features make Waves a perfect environment for NFT innovations. The ensuing Duck Hunter Games event following the sale of the “Perfection” NFT will boost participation on the Waves ecosystem while providing participants the opportunity to also earn rewards.

Duck Hunter Games Event

The Duck Hunter Games event has already been kicked off by the team. The event will be “a series of NFT gamification initiatives coupled with DeFi incentive mechanisms for the Waves ecosystem.” This also includes activations on its native Swop.Fi DEX platform and the Waves Exchange.

The Duck Hunter Games event begins with one million $EGG tokens distributed by the Waves team throughout the Duck Hunter campaign. The $EGG airdrop will incentivize activations across the Waves’ ecosystem on the blockchain’s native Swop.Fi DEX, on the Waves Exchange, SIGN Art, members of the Waves Association, and holders of WCT and NSBT.

Holders of $EGG tokens will enjoy the upgraded breeding mechanics of $EGG farming. Lastly, unique ducks united into packs will be bought back by Waves with the proceeds gained from the sale of the “Perfection” NFT.


At the time of publication, WAVES was trading at $16.43, with a market cap of $1,665,704,934 and a 24-hour trading volume of $250,818,301.

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