Alterdice is a cryptocurrency trading platform that functions like other exchange platforms and investors can make a profit by buying at a low price and selling at a higher price. With its in-depth analysis and graphical representation of the data, the digital trading platform provides information to investors helping them make the right trading move.

Alterdice has announced its association with the XR Web to launch its first IEO. The result of this new IEO is that members of Alterdice can partake in the company’s IEO while availing some of the exclusive benefits like price discounts and purchase preferences. Users can also support the new blockchain projects by participating in the IEO.

More info on the project and the launch

According to geographical locations, the ticker XR which is the project token of XR WEB can be utilized by the investors to access the dapps of XR, and to claim a stake on XR Web. Based on the news, XR Web is putting efforts to build central infrastructural support through which the various dApps related to different categories like gaming, real estate, retail insurance, advertising, and social media can be developed.

The round one price of the IEO is around USD 0.075 which is about 50% of the original price (USD 0.15). The total number of XR token available for the round 1 is 1,500,000 XR. Sales are expected to commence tomorrow noon and end on the 12th of July at 12:00 a.m. GMT.


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