Coinstar and Coinme have successfully increased the ability to buy bitcoin in their kiosks from 70 to 2,100. This is in response to immense growth in customer acquisition and purchases.

There are now an additional 2,100 Coinstar kiosk locations in 19 new states that allow you to buy Bitcoin via its machines. I’ve used Coinstar before whenever I’ve had collected enough coins to turn into dollars. Although you must use dollars to buy Bitcoin and not the coins you just deposited into the machine. There is a limit however, $2,500 worth of Bitcoin is the cap at the moment. This is a major leap for the company and another leap for mass adoption.

This expansion is all thanks to Coinme, a blockchain startup that partnered with Coinstar. Coinme is a venture capitalist funded and backed company. The CEO Neil Bergquist recently said, “Our rapid growth is the result of our leadership in digital currency from the early days of the industry and our expanded ability to offer local kiosks for its purchase… we have become the trusted, safe and secure global standard for digital currency exchange.” Some of the new locations that are at the crux of this expansion are Philadelphia, Washington D.C. Houston, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Seattle. These are major cities in America.

The first quarter of 2019 has been the most successful since the inception of Coinme. They reported a 38% increase in customer acquisition. Coinme also reported 92 percent gains in transactional volume, and 109 percent growth in transactions processed compared to Q1 2018. This is the type of growth that signals Bitcoin and cryptocurrency interest is steadily growing again. This is the momentum needed for another bull run.


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