Altcoin Buzz Becomes a ShareRing Masternode

ShareRing is an enterprise-ready platform encompassing a range of industries and protocols. Moreover, it aims at promoting the adoption of blockchain on a global scale. Through a modular approach, ShareRing offers a truly decentralized ecosystem designed for everyone.

With a strong focus on institutional adoption, ShareRing ShareLedger solves the biggest challenges faced by businesses today. Whether it’s leveraging ShareRing’s white-label solutions or building DApps on ShareLedger, ShareRing will redefine how both buyers and sellers interact on the blockchain, to benefit from lower costs and improved infrastructure.
ShareRing boasts of a world-class development team with years of blockchain experience. Alongside several deployments currently in production by its dedicated team, it also welcomes and encourages enterprises, developers, and users to utilize ShareTokens (SHR) to deploy DApps, protocols, marketplaces, and more! 
As an example of how ShareLedger finds utilization, one of ShareRing’s primary products focuses on the travel economy. With just one app, users can book and pay for flights, hotels, car rental/sharing, eVisa, insurance, activities, etc
The ShareRing advantage for the sharing economy
Through ShareRing, there is no need for users to use multiple apps for a variety of services in the sharing economy. A single app connects users with appropriate vendors partaking in ShareRing’s decentralized marketplace. Moreover, the vendors and users benefit from multi-currency transactions with no foreign exchange fees and nominal commission charges.
Just to state an example of known businesses,  in the near future, ShareRing could bring both AirBnB and Uber to the ShareRing ecosystem. If this were to happen, you would not have to share any personal information with Airbnb or Uber. Neither would you have to make payments using different apps. Just the single ShareRing app will be enough to handle all transactions. Moreover, you will enjoy self-sovereignty as your sensitive information will be totally in your control.
In 2018, close to 66.3 million people used the sharing economy, and over the next 15 years, estimates indicate that this would grow into a $335 billion ecosystem. But the sharing economy has its own pain areas and ShareRing plans to address them with blockchain precision.
Challenges for users
Currently, there are countless sharing services that exist within the economy. And this can cause the everyday user to get overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this can result in many people being unable to take full advantage of the sharing economy model
On top of this, intermediary services like Airbnb and Uber exploit the user by charging hefty fees and misusing their sensitive data. As a result, prices are higher and trust is lost.
Challenges for businesses
The fragmented platforms are segmenting the sharing economy. As a result, the sharing economy reaches only to local markets. Furthermore, intermediary services charge exorbitant commission rates forcing vendors to up their prices to stay in profit.
Altcoin Buzz is now a validator and a marketing Masternode!
We are excited to be a part of the sharing economy revolution. By operating a highly privileged node in the network, we will be providing more functionality to the ShareRing blockchain network. And besides, we will participate in the governance along with the marketing of the project.
Moreover, by being a Masternode for ShareRing, we will participate in maintaining a higher throughput of the ecosystem At the same time, we will assist in securing the network against any malicious activities and security attacks. Additionally, we will be providing up-to-date news regarding ShareRing’s progress, right from partnerships to product developments.
Why did we choose ShareRing?
Undoubtedly, we are a part of the existing sharing economy where the potential is choked by centralized legacy systems. ShareRing is a project with a great practical vision. And we wanted to support this revolution.
We are also excited about ShareRing’s revolutionary products such-as ‘One ID’, which is primed for adoption and usability. Behind the scenes ‘One ID’ is being implemented in conjunction with multiple consumer-facing apps and websites.
Moving forward
By being a ShareRing Masternode host, Altcoin Buzz has become an integral part of ShareLedger. Not only will we earn token rewards but will also contribute towards the speed, network integrity, and security of the ShareRing ecosystem
Stay tuned as we will continue to cover ShareRing’s progress through our website, YouTube, and social channels!

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  1. Well Done Guys !! Glad to have you with us !!The Sharering Team and Tim Bos are number 1 in my book !! ,No hype ,just get on with job Congrats Again


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