The city of Pavia in Italy is the birthplace of Gerolamo Cardano. Does the family name sound familiar by any chance? Well, it is Charles Hoskinson’s brainchild. He named his blockchain project after Gerolamo. Now the first metaverse on Cardano has arrived, and its name is Pavia. This makes the circle round again.

Virtual real estate prices are surging at the moment. The Cardano blockchain does not want to fall behind. They want their piece of the pie too. The Pavia metaverse already has 17,000 landowners and counting. One important factor is that it is still very early days for Pavia. Therefore, building or visiting any virtual land plot is not possible at the time being. However, become part of the Pavia community and decide on key aspects of the experience.

What Is the Pavia Metaverse?

The Pavia metaverse is the first metaverse on the Cardano blockchain. It launched in September 2021. Cardano happened to be born in September 1501. There is no such thing as coincidence. Pavia announced the first Land sales a month later, in October 2021. They sold using a fair distribution system for each sale. 

November 2021 saw another Land sale. In total, 60,000 plots of Land sold during these two months. February 2022 had another sale, this time for 40,000 Land parcels. Totaling 100,000 virtual Land plots and all sold out! 

Pavia mints each plot of Land as an NFT. They are of course unique, just like every NFT. However, they also carry the coordinates within As you can see in our article on booming virtual real estate prices many are selling fast across metaverses. As a result, it comes as no surprise that the Pavia land plots are doing well. 

Land plots currently, early March 2022, have a floor price of 900 ADA. That is around $865. On the other hand, on the Cardano marketplace, CNFT, users sell among other estates of 9 Land plots. The Pavia metaverse prices are well above the floor price. For example, they range from a modest 8,500 ADA to a whopping 300,000 ADA. One person even listed his or her plots for 999,000 ADA! Is that still realistic, or will this be the person who will laugh in the end? The Pavia metaverse land sale is in full swing, that is for sure.

Pavia metaverse

Source: Pavia

How Will the Pavia Metaverse Work and Function?

Above all, Pavia is still under construction. Therefore, visits and building on land are currently not possible. Nonetheless, the team remains active with plenty of ideas and plans for the future. As a result, the Version 1 phase may see the following ideas implemented.

  • Creator tools.
  • Economy trading tools. This is for both on and off-chain options.
  • Social and connected experiences.

The input of users is of importance, and Pavia emphasizes the community. The community has already brought many ideas forward. Pavia happily embraced them and encourages the community to come with more input. The Pavia Discord platform is the place to join in case anybody wants to be part of the discussions.

Pavia Landowners and creators can make PCAs. These are Pavia Compatible Assets and are also NFTs. They can be a variety of different objects. First, creators and Landowners design and create the PCAs. Thereafter, they can deploy and monetize them. As a result, owners of Land plots have full control of how they design their virtual real estate with their PCAs.

‘‘Pavs’ are the native residents of Pavia. Believe it or not, visitors can track them down and collect them! That’s an interesting twist. The team reminds visitors of some important facts, though. Despite the fact that Pavs are NFTs, they are also #PavsNotPets.

Unique Pavia Land Parcels

Land plots in Pavia are unique. Each parcel is 16(L)x16(W)x20(H) meters. However, Pavia fixed the Land height. Nonetheless, owners with various plots next to each other can build higher. This is possible with estates, that consist of 9 parcels. One PLP (Pavia Land parcel) can build up to 20 meters. An estate with 9 PLPs can build 9 times as high, so, to 180 meters.

All this will be possible with 3D techniques and models. In the end, this will result in gallery experiences and games. Furthermore, completely developed businesses are part of this. Together, they will also increase the utility of the PAVIA token.  

The delivery will be in a phased release approach. As a result, this gives a steady progression and community feedback. See below the Pavia metaverse map.

Pavia metaverse map

Source: Pavia website

How to Buy Land in Pavia Metaverse?

All Land has already sold during the three initial Land sales. However, not to worry, at the Cardano NFT marketplace, aka CNFT, plenty of Land is up for sale. Filter for Pavia land and place a bid in ADA.  

Cardano CNFT

Source: CNFT

What Is the Pavia Token?

The PAVIA crypto token launched in December 2021. There are 2 billion PAVIA. However, they are not tracked at the moment by CoinGecko or other price aggregators. The PAVIA token is currently only available on SundeaSwap and MeusliSwap.  Both are DEXs on the Cardano blockchain.

Pavia metaverse

Source: Pavia

The Pavia Team

The Pavia team is an impressive combination of talent and experience in the gaming world.

  • Morgan is the CEO. He is for five years active in the crypto and blockchain space.
  • Paul is the COO. Seven years active in game services and cloud tech.
  • Lee is handling strategic partnerships.
  • Ross is the man for marketing and community management.

Their website lists no less than 14 more people. They are active in various fields of expertise. The team seems to be up for the task that they set themselves in the roadmap. 

The Pavia Roadmap

The Pavia roadmap is in full swing. The team is ambitious but seems realistic at the same time. Their roadmap is also clear. Few metaverse projects have decent roadmaps. Pavia really stands out with their map. 

Pavia metaverse roadmap

Source: Pavia website

One thing the team works hard on is avatars. A partnership with ReadyPlayer allows for designing your own avatar. These avatars are useable outside of Pavia in over 1000 games and apps.


Source: Pavia website


The metaverse real estate prices keep breaking records. The first metaverse on Cardano has now launched. The Pavia Cardano cooperation seems to work well. All their land plots sold out in no time. Their PAVIA token is available. It is just a matter of time before more exchanges start listing this token. In case you missed out on the Sandbox (SAND) or Decentraland (MANA) tokens, this may be a new opportunity.

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