Do you know you can build an empire while earning Sunflower Land tokens? Sunflower Land provides its players with the opportunity to plant crops, mine precious rocks, build items, and acquire exotic resources.

This article is an in-depth overview of the Sunflower Land metaverse game. It also contains information on how interested persons can navigate the Sunflower ecosystem.

Sunflower land

Before we move on, Let’s find out more about Sunflower Land.

What You Should Know About Sunflower Land

Sunflower is a Play-and-Own crypto game. The game is also community-oriented and so is focused on creating a metaverse that is shaped by its community members. The game also makes it possible for users to farm, chop, mine, craft, and build their empires. Interestingly, most of the game collectibles are identifiable on Polygon.

Sunflower also put into play real-life principles of demand and supply. Also, the game is designed to reduce the supply of resources as the game progresses. This, in turn, will help increase the demand and price of such resources. Also, items and resources gathered on Sunflower can be listed on trading platforms like OpenSea.

Farming and Gathering are also important activities in the Sunflower Land ecosystem. The key to success in the metaverse game is to gather resources. These resources are necessary to facilitate the minting of rare items.

Setting Up
  • The first step to setting up the game is to create a Metamask wallet account.
  • Then, connect the wallet account to the Polygon (MATIC) chain. While connecting to the Polygon chain, your network configuration should look the same as the screenshot below.

Sunflower Land (Matic Configuration)

Source: Sunflower Website

  • After connecting your wallet, you can now fund your farm with MATIC tokens and then play the game.

How to Play?

As previously disclosed Sunflower Land game involves gathering resources and crafting items. To play the game, you need to;

  • First, create a farm​ – This step is quite important as it provides access to the game. It also serves as a storehouse for holding any resources you may earn.

Sunflower land (farm)

Source – Sunflower Land Website

  • Next is to Earn SFL – SFL is quite important in the Sunflower Land ecosystem. It is necessary to expand your farm and also needed to craft tools. One of the easiest ways to acquire SFL is by farming crops and then exchanging the crops for SFL.
  • Upgrade The Farm – To upgrade the farm, you need to open new fields and seeds. You also need to gather enough resources as well as draw up a recipe for the Goblin. The goblin is in charge of protecting the land.

In conclusion, Sunflower Land is one of the fastest-growing dapps games in the metaverse. According to DappRadar, the game recorded an estimated 23,000 users, with $3.87k volume and over 39,000 transactions over the last 24-hours.

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