Amazon metaverse game

Top corporations and tech giants are showing increasing interest in the metaverse space.

Not to be left behind, Amazon, has also made a move to foray into the metaverse. The tech giant now has a 3D internet game on the metaverse. This is great news and a clear indicator of the strategically growing metaverse ecosystem. In this article, you will discover why Amazon created this game.

Amazon has Entered the Metaverse

The Amazon 3D internet game on the metaverse is known as the AWS Cloud Quest. As previously stated, it is the flagship product of Amazon’s entry into the metaverse.

The game is quite simple to play that involves players trying to navigate a virtual city. Also while navigating, these players are tasked with assisting people to solve tech problems using the cloud.

In earnest, apart from being a 3D game, the game will serve as an educational tool. Teaching people how to make use of cloud services while also helping them to solve real tech issues.

More About The Amazon Metaverse Game 

Launched by Jeff Bezos, the AWS Cloud Quest game will help strengthen Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). His AWS platform is also the most widely used cloud platform. However, there have been criticisms about how decentralized Amazon’s AWS cloud truly is. Many believe that the cloud platform is more centralized and under the control of Amazon than decentralized.

Also, the game will help increase awareness and also create more use cases for the AWS cloud. Moreover, players have to complete AWS puzzles, quizzes, and simulations to earn points.

Speaking on the announcement, Kevin Kelly, the director of AWS cloud educational programs, said: “The game was a deliberate attempt to move away from passive content. The game is looking to make the abstract concepts of cloud computing a reality through interactive, hands-on activities that allow students to immediately translate theory into practice.”

Tech Corporations And The Metaverse

Tech companies in recent times have shown increasing interest in the metaverse or virtual ecosystem. The same cannot be said for other aspects of the blockchain and crypto space. Most of which took time to attract the attention of tech companies.

However, it seems like there is an intention to control the metaverse ecosystem among these companies. With Meta and Amazon launching its 3D virtual internet game, other companies are participating in the metaverse including JPMorgan, Samsung, Adidas, etc.

Finally, we also expect to see more companies foray into the metaverse shortly.

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