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Tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Disney, Epic Games, and Roblox, have dived into the metaverse space. Therefore, after these announcements, many metaverse tokens exploded in price, especially this one that went wild with a 427055.3% price pump in the last six months. Wilder World. One of those 150x IDO Gems that we identified very early one. 

It caught our attention because the project has taken the lead by building an immersive 5D metaverse. We see this as crypto’s champion to fight centralized Facebook’s META. But what is Wilder World all about? How is it different from the leading metaverse like Decentraland or The Sandbox.

Does it hold more potential? How can you make your ideal $WILD tokens work for you? In this article, all these answers and more will be answered.

What is Wilder World?

Wilder World is a futuristic digital version of the World where people can interact naturally with things represented as NFTs. The best part is that the project is a fully immersive, photorealistic, VR and AR integrated metaverse that could sustain a global digital economy, support full internet scale, and be home to billions of daily users.

It is the only active metaverse project working on a full-fledged metaverse platform. Here is its official trailer.

Wilder world will open your eyes and give you such an incredible foresight into the future of Web3, DAOs, the metaverse, and NFTs.

However, this is something you must know before we head deeper. Wilder World is the only current metaverse project building a full-scale metaverse platform. So far, all other projects are either plug-ins that will eventually be inputted into an actual metaverse like this one, or they’re much smaller platforms that don’t have anywhere near this level of scalability.

Towards the end of the video, we will compare Wild Wilder with some other trendy metaverse projects. The best part is that they have products that you can interact with and make money with them.

For example, with Wilder Wheel, you can think of it as GTA with real stakes on the line. Also, you can trade between a unique collection with more than 10,000 5D NFT cars and mint more cars that you can then bid and trade on the platform. The next one is Wilder Guild, Wilder World’s first official artist DAO.

Zero Technology backs the wild World.

Zero is the underlying technology of zSpace, a fully immersive and photorealistic metaverse made up of universes, galaxies, and planets. Wilder World is the first universe in zSpace and launched on the Zero platform.

Wilder World Zero technology

Source: Zero

Wiami, a topographical 1/1 digital reproduction of Miami, will be the first city in Wilder World. Wiami is intended to be a metaverse’s core center, housing the headquarters of many of the industry’s top projects and the primary homes of many zSpace residents.

Wilder World Tokenomics

Wilder World’s native token is $WILD and is currently trading at $3.46 when writing this article with a marketcap of $289.2 million and a total token supply of 500 million. Also, $WILD had a spectacular growth of 2200% since June of this year, with an ATH value of $7.28 at the end of November.

On the other hand, the use cases of $WILD are:

  1. $WILD is a zSpace token for the Wilder World universe. 
  2. It is used to purchase NFTs on the Wilder World Marketplace. 
  3. Be the official currency.
  4. Holding $WILD enables you to become an official citizen of Wilder World.
  5. Earn a % of overall earnings in Wilder World.
  6. Voting rights.
  7. Internal incentives and rewards

Moreover, you can buy $WILD in Gate.io, Uniswap, KuCoin, Bitfinex, BitMart. On the other hand, on Dec 21th, the project launched “Metropolis,” a staking system for $WILD. As a result, the 100% profits earned by Wilder World will be donated to the citizens of Wilder World.


Considering the more than 60 metaverse projects in the sector, practically none have implemented the three pillars that make this project unique: Immerseability, photorealism, and scalability. Here is a comparison chart:

Comparison chart Wilder world and competitors

Source: Hackernoon

One of the projects that come close  is Star Atlas

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