ON1 Force review

0N1 Force stands out with its exquisite and distinctive NFT collection, featuring mesmerizing low-fi style art and paying homage to Japanese folklore’s rich and mystical traditions.

0N1 Force has emerged as a prominent presence within the realm of NFT collectors, drawing the gaze of many enthusiasts since its inception. Is the collection worth investing Let’s dive in!

What is the 0N1 Force NFT Collection?

The 0N1 Force, masterfully crafted by IMCMPLX, is an NFT collection of 7,777 one-of-a-kind avatars, each portrayed in a distinctive side-profile picture adorned with 100 meticulously hand-drawn attributes.

What is 0N1 Force?

The saga of 0N1 Force began with the launch of its first mint in August 2021, and ever since, it has become the talk of the town in the NFT world. Moreover, immersing yourself in the world of On1 Force feels akin to embarking on a thrilling quest that combines the essence of text-based video games like The Oregon Trail and the enchantment of Dungeons and Dragons.

Within this enthralling universe, you assume the very identity of your chosen character, navigating the challenges that arise following the collapse of the Ethereal Enclave.

The Lore: Threads That Bind the Collection

Storytelling plays a crucial role in every artistic endeavor, and 0N1 FORCE has masterfully weaved together an engaging narrative right from its inception. This captivating story revolves around a fallen kingdom and its resilient citizens who find themselves thrust into a desperate fight for survival.

By creating a compelling conflict and instilling a sense of urgency, 0N1 FORCE managed to captivate audiences and offer them an experience beyond a mere NFT drop.

Rarity with Purpose

What sets the collection apart is the deep-rooted narrative that breathes life into each character within it, granting every NFT an added dimension. This narrative also paves the way for intriguing releases, such as the immersive 0N1 Force digital comic book, which further expands upon the story.

Upon visiting the website, a compelling tale of the once peaceful lives of the 0N1s in the homeland, Ethereal Enclave, greets the visitors. In this captivating plane of Ethereal Enclave, the 0N1s lived harmoniously until a sudden and tragic event occurred—the untimely demise of the emperor without leaving behind an heir.

This unexpected death plunged the kingdom into a state of chaos and panic. Out of this turmoil, new authorities emerged, seizing control. The aftermath stripped the 7,777 0N1 characters of tranquil lifestyles and forcefully divided them into three distinct clans.

By establishing a solid foundation for the “why” right from the start, the 0N1 FORCE project successfully integrated rarity with purpose.

The Artwork and Trait Breakdown

The team behind 0N1 FORCE drew inspiration from various sources, including cyberpunk literature, anime, and comic books.

The objective was to construct a world that seamlessly combined familiarity with originality, incorporating a captivating backstory and intricate lore that would captivate collectors and fans alike.

The Artwork and Rarity

Moreover, the project introduces characters known as “Oni,” which are traditional Japanese demons- taking inspiration from Japanese culture.

Additionally, the collection incorporates elements from Balinese mythology, featuring gods and warriors. These characters were meticulously hand-drawn by the talented artist IMCMPLX.

Furthermore, the 0N1 Force collection introduces a diverse array of traits that define the rarity and uniqueness of each character. These traits are in two primary categories: visual art traits and special powers. The visual art traits encompass various characteristics, including background colors, body features, eyes, hair, head designs, mouths, helmets, and domains.

These traits contribute to the visual aesthetics of each 0N1 Force character, adding depth and individuality to their appearance. In addition to visual traits, the 0N1 Force characters possess special powers that hold significant importance within the virtual realm of the Ethereal Enclave. These special power traits consist of spirit, strength, and style.

As the avatars navigate their existence in this virtual domain, utilizing and mastering these special powers will play a pivotal role in determining which 0N1 Force character will flourish and thrive.

Interestingly, the NFT collection consists of three distinct groups within the 0N1 FORCE clan, each with its own unique characteristics and scarcity, and an extra rare group with only seven NFTs.

1) YOK-A1 Ghost Spirits

The first group is the YOK-A1 Ghost Spirits, comprising 5,278 NFTs with common or rare traits. Their common features include Bandaid, headphones, and pens, which add a distinctive touch to their appearance.

YOK-A1 Ghost Spirits

Additionally, some Ghost Spirit characters possess rare traits such as Cat ears, Gasmasks, and Loop earrings, further enhancing their individuality and rarity within the collection.

2) B4K3M0-N0 Monster Form

The second group is the B4K3M0-N0 Monster Form, consisting of 2,100 NFTs, making up approximately 27% of the population in the Ethereal Enclave.

B4K3M0-N0 Monster Form

Their common traits consist of PR Masks, Tengu Masks, and Obsidian, which bestow them with a distinct aura. Furthermore, rare traits such as Fedoras and Roses elevate their rarity and desirability among collectors.

3) 0N1 The Demon

Finally, the highly exclusive 0N1 The Demon, a rare collection of only 392 demons. As the elite rulers of the Ethereal Enclave, the Demons’ common traits are Perl headphones and Hannya Masks.

0N1 The Demon

And the rare traits that set them apart include gold reflective jackets, Canary, and Haunted.

4) KAM-1s

Additionally, the collection includes an extraordinary tier-one group characterized by extreme rarity: the KAM-1s.


Comprising only seven members, the KAM-1s directly served as subordinates to the former emperor.

Regarded as esteemed counselors, advisors, and guardians of the ancient ways, they have attained the highest level of ascension by achieving complete mastery over the One Source.

Each of the seven KAM-1s holds dominion over a specific domain that collectively forms the Ethereal Enclave. These domains encompass war, the sun, the moon, poetry and music, love, energy, and creation.

In essence, the KAM-1s are exceptional beings, embodying unparalleled rarity and influence within the narrative.

Easter Eggs

Its meticulous attention to detail is one aspect that truly sets the 0N1 FORCE project apart. This attention to detail extends beyond the visual and conceptual elements and focuses on promoting representation and diversity.

The project cleverly incorporates nods to other notable NFT projects, showcasing a keen awareness of the broader NFT community. These nods are scattered throughout the collection, allowing enthusiasts to spot these references easily. For instance, the strawberry pin, a rare trait reserved for the elites, pays homage to Strawberry.WTF, who was the project’s front-end designer.

Additionally, there are nods such as the “cool cat ears” in honor of the Cool Cats project and the “banana pin” to celebrate the Bored Apes project. Beyond these overt references, the 0N1 FORCE project contains numerous Easter eggs and hidden traits that the project only revealed during the minting process.

These surprises include unique details like “the Gods” facing the opposite direction compared to other 0N1 characters. By incorporating these additional layers, 0N1 FORCE offers a treasure trove of fascinating and hidden elements for collectors and fans to discover as the 0N1 universe expands and evolves.

The Logan Saga

In 2021, Logan Paul, a prominent American YouTube personality, made headlines with his purchase of a rare ‘Bumblebee‘ 0N1 Force NFT for a staggering $623,000. However, a year later, Watcher.Guru reported that the same NFT was valued at just $10, causing quite a stir within the NFT community.

Initially, Watcher.Guru had mistaken the NFT for an Azuki due to their similar anime-style aesthetics. This error was pointed out by astute NFT collectors, who also highlighted that the Azuki collection had originated as a derivative of the 0N1 Force project before attaining its own success.

The discrepancy in valuation prompted the 0N1 Force project to engage in damage control.

In response, the CEO, starlordyftw, took a lighthearted approach and offered a friendly bounty of $10,000 for Logan Paul’s “worthless” NFT (or $10 in actual value), adding a playful twist to the situation.

The Controversy

In the early months of 2021, 0N1 Force emerged as a hot topic, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of many. However, the project soon encountered a series of challenges that led to a strained relationship between the community and the management, resulting in the temporary perception of it as a “dead” project.

Members Voice Their Frustrations

Numerous community members voiced their frustrations, citing a lack of value placed on their concerns, criticisms, and ideas. They felt that the initial team did not view them as valuable contributors, contrary to the project’s original mission, but rather as mere holders without a say in the development process.

On Twitter, allegations of rug pulling surfaced, with some accusing the original 0N1 Force team of manipulating the situation for personal gain. Surprisingly, insiders appeared to defend the team rather than hold them accountable, further fueling the controversy.

According to KilburnKingNF, the initial team received substantial funding early but lost their focus and motivation to continue building and developing the project. It, in turn, resulted in accusations of rug-pulling and failing to fulfill their promised commitments.

The immense backlash from the community ultimately prompted the original team to step down and transfer the project’s rights to a new team, marking a significant turning point.

However, even after such turmoil, signs of revival have begun to emerge, suggesting that the project is undergoing a period of rejuvenation and growth. So, the new team has boldly faced the challenge of rebuilding trust, re-engaging the community, and steering 0N1 Force toward a brighter, more promising future.

0N1 Force Bought Out?

In a remarkable turn of events, a group of investors, including former executives from Binance and Yield Guild Games, orchestrated a community buyout of the esteemed blue chip NFT collection, 0N1 Force. This initiative was spearheaded by blockchain investment firm Old Fashion Research (OFR), signaling a fresh chapter for the project.

Although the OG founders have departed, the capable Henry Finn, AKA Starlordy, assumed the CEO role within the group, ensuring continuity. Additionally, the existing community moderators were retained, ensuring a seamless transition. The new community board included notable figures such as:

  • Ling, the Managing Partner at Old Fashion Research,
  • Wei Zhou, an ex-Binance CFO serving as an OFR Strategic Adviser,
  • William Tong, who joins as the Chief Strategy Officer,
  • Colin Goltra, the COO of Yield Guild Games, will provide senior advice and investment support.

With a clear vision, the group intends to infuse substantial funds into the expanding 0N1 Force franchise to establish it as a leading metaverse-native IP.

Collection Statistics

The highly anticipated public sale of 0N1 Force occurred on August 19, 2021, with each NFT minted for 0.07777 ETH. This event generated significant excitement and began a fervent collection craze.

Notably, The NFTer, a Singapore-based entity, quickly seized the opportunity and purchased 101 of the 7,777 0N1 Force collectibles before the floor price skyrocketed.

Besides, YouTuber and avid NFT collector  Logan Paul made headlines by acquiring K4M-1 #03, a prestigious NFT, for a staggering 188 ETH, equivalent to approximately $623,000. Interestingly, TheNFTer had initially purchased the same NFT for 47 ETH before selling it to Paul, further emphasizing the dynamic nature of the NFT market.

Other notable sales within the 0N1 Force collection include 0N1 #4650, which fetched its owner an impressive sum of around $353,200. This particular NFT possesses rare features such as a Gold Tech Jacket, Pearl VR, Jasper Spiky Hair, and an Uwu mouth, contributing to its desirability.

Currently, the 0N1 Force collection boasts a remarkable trading volume of over 75K ETH and a floor price of 0.97 ETH, further solidifying its popularity and value within the NFT market.

Native Marketplace

In September 2022, 0N1 Force introduced its dedicated trading NFT marketplace, leveraging the Origin Protocol. This marketplace offers traders the advantage of saving 1.25% on all trades compared to the popular platform OpenSea.

Additionally, holders of 0N1 Force NFTs can trade and save on 10KTF, an online Tokyo-based shop operated by the fictional craftsman, Wagmi-san.

The marketplace encompasses the entire range of original 0N1 Force NFTs, including 10KTF products and derivative projects. Users can easily search for specific NFTs by their Token ID. Alternatively, the marketplace provides various filters that enable the sorting of the artworks based on price, NFT rarity rank, type, and other criteria.


The launch of 0N1 Force began an extraordinary community movement that aimed to cultivate a profoundly immersive and inspiring lore.

This endeavor has captured the imagination of countless individuals, resulting in over 40,000 contributions that collectively form a narrative tapestry expansive enough to span multiple novels and animated films.

To actualize this vision, the talented in-house illustrator, Cromagnus, has partnered with Josh Blaylock to give life to the vivid world of 0N1 Force through an exclusive digital comic.

This collaborative effort encapsulates the essence of the 0N1 Force universe and its captivating characters, offering a visual storytelling experience that will captivate fans and enthusiasts alike.

0N1 FRAMES NFTs: The New Standard?

0N1 Force has introduced “Frames,” custom suits tailored to each 7,777 0N1 characters, on March 31, 2022. Holders can claim Frames for free, paying only gas fees. Nevertheless, holders cannot sell Frames marketplaces but can only transfer to other 0N1 holders.

As long as an individual owns an original 0N1 NFT, they can claim their corresponding Frame at any time, with availability lasting until all 7,777 Frames have been claimed. These Frames represent the evolution of each character’s IP and ensure ownership. By selling or transferring the original NFT, Frame ownership is also transferred.

Essentially, Frames NFT is ‘semi’ soulbound to the owner. The brilliance of the intellectual property (IP) behind the 0N1 Frames lies in its ability to withstand hacking attempts.

If you fall victim to an attack and lose your Frame, you can effortlessly recall them back to your secure vault. Moreover, the absence of value translates to a diminished appeal as a target. But the advantages don’t end there. Here are several more benefits:

  1. Safely attend token-gated events in the physical world.
  2. Use Frames to refresh the original artwork without diluting its value.
  3. Create customized Frames to commemorate significant milestones or events.
  4. Capture snapshots of your hot wallets to seize WL opportunities.

Arguably, this should be the gold standard for every typical PFP project at the most fundamental level. Owners retain full custody of the genuine asset while being able to participate without the constant threat of total liquidation hanging over them.

Partnerships and Programs

0N1 Force has established several unique partnerships, collaborating with prominent figures and brands such as Steve Aoki, Paradigm Sports, Coinbase, and Bass Jackers.

Besides, 0N1 Force joined forces with Sour Siblings to introduce a limited edition of sour candies adorned with the iconic 0N1 art style.

This collaboration brought together the unique visual aesthetics of 0N1 Force and the delightful flavors of Sour Siblings’ candies, creating a truly special edition for fans to enjoy. Moreover, 0N1 Force has implemented various value-added programs to benefit its holders and foster community engagement.

Franchise Model

One such program is the franchise model, which offers personalized support and resources to franchise holders in developing their businesses. The application process for franchises is stringent to ensure tailored support for each franchisee.

Franchise Model
R0N1N Ambassador Program

Another unique program is the R0N1N ambassador program. This officially represents the brand and facilitates connections with other businesses, organizations, and individuals. Ambassadors are vital in bringing new opportunities, partnerships, and deals to the network while enjoying exclusive benefits and rewards.

R0N1N ambassador program

As R0N1N Ambassadors, members receive an exclusive non-transferable PFP. This signifies their esteemed status within the team. Referral bonuses, commissions, and other incentives may also be available to ambassadors.

Artist Residency

The Artist Residency program is another example. Offering exclusive opportunities for talented individuals in the industry to collaborate on 0N1 FORCE and partner projects. This initiative brings together the most skilled and innovative artists to contribute their talents to the project’s development.


The Conclave is a community council. It is composed of distinguished individuals who provide valuable insights, resources, and guidance to 0N1 FORCE. This council comprises experts who contribute their expertise to shape the project’s direction and enhance its offerings.


Lastly, 0N1 WORLD is an upcoming international club network to unite Web3 creators, founders, operators, and brands worldwide. This decentralized network of innovators is guided and supported by 0N1 FORCE, providing a platform for collaboration, networking, and shared experiences.


These programs and initiatives highlight 0N1 Force’s commitment to nurturing its community. Whilst fostering creativity, and providing unique opportunities for its holders and partners.


0N1 Force NFTs stand out with their distinctive visual identity and immersive backstory. This sets the collection apart from other NFT projects. For collectors seeking NFTs with well-developed and original lore, 0N1 Force presents an enticing option.

One notable aspect of the collection is that NFT incorporates hand-drawn elements. This contributes to an authentic and vibrant aesthetic. Moreover, meticulous attention to detail is evident throughout the collection. Reinforcing the notion that even lower-priced 0N1 Force NFTs hold value and are worth adding to one’s collection.

With a new team at the helm and a solid commitment to community-centric approaches, 0N1 Force is a project worth keeping an eye on!






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