Adidas Releases NFT

The Rumours Were Confirmed Yesterday, as Adidas Announces First NFT Mint. So the story is true.

After releasing teasers at the end of November, streetwear giant Adidas is entering the Metaverse. Partnering with BAYC, PUNKS Comics, and investor Gmoney, the collection releases today through the Adidas CONFIRMED APP.

Additionally, the ‘Into The Metaverse’ Originals NFT Collection will come with multiple items. The collection will give buyers branded virtual clothing, as well as other exclusives. Physical products such as:

  • A hoodie
  • Tracksuit
  • GMoney’s orange beanie

will be available for holders of the NFT collection.

Adidas Is Helping to Bring the Metaverse Mainstream

The metaverse brings all sorts of new opportunities to creators, and users. Adidas Originals marketing and communications vice president Erika Wykes-Sneyd agrees, in a statement sent to

“As part of our ambition to celebrate ideas that are defining a new age of originality, we’ve landed at the forefront of creativity, which is the open metaverse”

Additionally, the physical wearables for this collection will be available in 2022. Their digital counterparts will be available today, at 1:00 pm EST.

Should I Mint an Adidas ‘Into the Metaverse’ NFT?

In short, yes. We first mentioned this collection a few weeks ago when a teaser dropped. At the time, we could only make predictions. Most of those ended up being true.

This is one of the first branded wearable NFT collections to release. Other mainstream conglomerates, like Pepsi and Budweiser, have entered the NFT space recently. Their collections are both sitting at around 0.5ETH at the time of writing.

Adidas NFTs will be available to mint for 0.2ETH today. There is a major difference between Adidas and other branded NFT drops. The Adidas one comes with utility available immediately after mint. These NFTs are wearables available to use in The Sandbox right away!

This won’t be the last sportswear/clothing giant to release an NFT. RTFKT has recently been acquired by Nike to be their metaverse division. I can imagine RTFKT CloneX holders will receive Nike wearables sometime in the future, with some physical addition. This is the path we are going down. A few years from now you will be buying two pieces of clothing when you buy one from a company, for example. A digital piece and the physical counterpart, or vice versa. This is where we are heading, like it or not. Might as well get in on it now while it is still incredibly early.

Read more on the Adidas ‘Into the Metaverse’ website!

Something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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