Async Art NFT

Async.Art is an NFT marketplace that takes Art tokenization to the next level. Async splits its collectibles into two types: “Master” and “Layer” tokens. Therefore, selling these tokens individually allows holders to manipulate the master token, making changes in real-time.

In this article, you will learn everything about this process.

Async Art Music Marketplace

Besides visual art, Async also has a music marketplace where master tracks are split into items. These items are bought as tokens and are manipulated like art pieces!

Async Art Give Endless Possibilities to Modify NFTs

Giving creators the option of autonomous or non-autonomous works allows for creative pieces of art.

State shifts allow owners of the tokens to change the way that they appear in various ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Colour
  • Scale
  • Rotation
  • Transparency

Not only now does this piece become a representation of all the owner’s decisions, but the creator can have the work tied to specific real-world changes. Triggers such as:

  • Time
  • Weather
  • Stock Market changes

Holders can autonomously change each piece of art. This could mean you could watch a tree grow over 100 years, watch a bag of money fill with every daily increase in the stock price, or have the sunset every night in the piece of art.

Watch the seasons change on your NFT as they change outside your window. The possibilities are endless.

Async Art NFT Prices 

So how much is this going to cost?

These are fine art pieces. They are 1/1 works of art that constantly evolve and change. So they do come with a bit of a higher price if the owner is even willing to sell. Most pieces are not for sale, and if they are, they come at the cost of over Ξ1.5.

The lowest listed price for an Async music piece?


Just Ξ10 or USD 40,000.

A steep investment to get on the cutting edge of technology.

Rating: 7.5/10


Async.Art was one of my first introductions to NFTs. So, why would people spend thousands of dollars for images we could screenshot?

Async proved to me that the broader application and uses for NFTs go so far beyond that. It is the future of art. With Async Art, you can see your NFT change in real-time. Instead of having these tokens in your wallet, only to be seen when you open it, have them be a part of your life and watch them change and grow with you.

Additionally, instead of your art being an inanimate object that remains the same for its lifetime, Async removes this art industry norm.

Therefore, the intersection between art and technology was inevitable. Async takes this to the next level and allows users to have their inputs represented in this technological art or have the art represent the world around the holder.

Truly a step above the rest in the 1/1 NFT space, Async.Art is a platform every NFT buyer should be aware of. Finally, remember always to do your research, make your own decisions and invest in projects that interest you!

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