Christies OpenSea auction ends soon!

One of the Largest Physical Art Auction Houses Is Partnering With One of the Largest Digital for an Exclusive Auction.

Until December 7th, 25 exclusive 1/1s are available for auction.

Christie’s and OpenSea have aggregated some of the most exclusive 1/1 NFTs from the top digital artists available. A massive range of items is available for sale. From gifs to jpegs of rocks, to gamefi pieces, there is something for everyone in this auction.

Not only digital items, but a few NFTs in this auction also come with physical artwork. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest items available for auction:

fRiENDSiES in the Real World

Not only does the highest bidder of this item receive the fRiENDSiES 00001 NFT. The winner also receives a unique bronze sculpture made by the artist, FriendsWithYou.

This is an incredible step in the right direction of merging the digital world with the real world. The 4ft tall sculpture will arrive at the winner’s door shortly after the auction ends. It will be very interesting to see the resale process of this item if there is any. The current highest big sits at 42.69 WETH, or USD $172,370.69. The winner receives a 12-second animated clip in addition to the bronze sculpture. Will the buyer value the physical or digital artwork more?

The highest bidder currently is Daniel Maegaard. He is a very well-known NFT influencer and goes by the pseudonym SeedPhrase. Only time will tell if SeedPhrase wins the auction and sells the resells the items separately in the future. My guess is, based on his digital holdings, he’s in it for the NFT and the physical good is the cherry on top.

CyberKongz Auction Price Insanity

Two of the 25 items for Christie’s has for sale are from a collection we are familiar with. Two very rare Kongz from the CyberKongz Genesis collection is available at auction. The first, the #503 ranked Kong in terms of rarity, has the futuristic shades trait that has a floor price of 145ETH. Currently, the highest bid for this CyberKong is 40 WETH. Expect this price to run up closer to the end of the auction.

The second CyberKong available is the real eye-catcher though. CyberKong #201 is tied for first on Rarity.Tools for rarest CyberKongz in the collection. One of 10 animated Kongz available, the Skeleton CyberKong may be almost priceless. The three listed animated Kongz available are listed for 10000ETH, 5420ETH, and 2021ETH. The current highest bid is 49.6 WETH. While that may seem like an exorbitant price to pay for a GIF, expect this price to skyrocket from here.

Read about why people are paying so much for the CyberKongz Genesis collection here!

There’s Something for Everyone at Christie’s if You Can Afford It.

Most of these auctions will run up over 10ETH by the conclusion of the sale. Well out of the range of 99.9% of collectors, it is still very interesting to see these price ranges. For such a young space and medium, that collectors are consistently willing to pay near millions for digital artwork is a positive for the space.

Every massive sale Christie’s sees only brings more eyes and recognition to the space. Though some may say it’s money laundering or a scam, those who know understand the value this brings to the future. True digital ownership is the future of the internet. NFTs provide this and those investing this early see that as well.

Something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions and invest in projects that interest you!

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