DeMons are an exclusive yield-earning NFT collection. The Zilliqa blockchain is where you can find these monsters. You can earn passive income $DMZ from them too. Owners can periodically claim their $DMZ for each DeMon they own. A pool of 2,499,999 $DMZ is ready to reward holders with anywhere from 500-1500 $DMZ annually, depending on the collection you own.

What Else Do I Get?

If that wasn’t enough, DeMons introduces some interesting mechanics not seen before in the NFT space. Community Ratings are a game-changing introduction. It completely changes the way we value individual NFTs. Now the rarity rating is in the hands of the people that are actively participating in the community, as opposed to putting it in the hands of an algorithm. This should add more transparency to the valuation system going forward. Held every quarter, Devil’s Court will allow owners to voice their opinions. Using live voting, DeMon owners will be able to decide the rating of each listed NFT. Each DeMon ranks on a scale of -100.0 to +100.0. The higher the rating, the rarer the NFT. This increases the value in the native demonverse marketplace.

The concept of ownership is taken to the next level with DeMons. After purchasing an NFT from the collection, owners are given naming rights. You get a personalized digital identity. And with that, DeMons has created an NFT you want to HODL.

More Than a Regular Collectible NFT

In an interview with Altcoinbuzz, DeMons Founder Madhav Khandelwal described the project as “much more than just a regular collectible NFT”. He went on to describe the goal of the project as “to personify NFTs for their respective owners. We promote the owners to level up the NFTs, hold the NFTs, and make them stronger. In a nutshell, we want the community to engage and enjoy the fact, they are a DeMon owner!”.

DeMons focuses on three aspects of the metaverse. Khandelwal listed these main branches as “Decentralised Finance, Gamification, and Democratizing Rarity”.

  1. Decentralized Finance: Khandelwhal said that “NFTs here are not an entity for you to trade every day or so”. These NFTs are meant to be held, and as a reward receive passive income.
  2. Gamification: Using $DMZ to level up your DeMon, you gain access to increased valuation of your DeMon as well as different perks and benefits through a leveling up ladder.
  3. Democratizing Rarity: Khandelwal compared the DeMons’ to other rarity mechanics “Unlike other platforms, the concept of Community Rating is introduced to eliminate the instance of a Single NFT Autocracy by updating the pre-attained ratings once in a quarter”. Everyone has a chance at being the rarest NFT in each quarter, so vote to have your voice heard!

Crypto Apes

The second DeMons collection, Crypto Apes, mints October 28th, at 9 AM UTC. The minting process will be sold in batches of 25 following a step curve. Early buyers can purchase an Ape for 450 $DMZ, with the price increasing by 450 $DMZ for every 25 sold. Only 100 Apes will be available for mint. As was the case with their last collection part of the DeMons series, “GodZiliqas”, expect this collection to sell out quickly.

Rating 8/10


An incredibly cool project with actual incentive for holding, that goes beyond just promises. You can passively collect the native token used to buy and sell the collection. That makes this is a collection that should be on everyone’s radar.

The last collection released by the DeMons team sold out in minutes. Now, the floor price for a GodZilliqa sits at 7969 $DMZ, or USD $5700. Considering the past success this team has seen, as well utility that is applicable immediately after purchase, this is a project you should research before mint. You have under 24 hours so don’t wait!

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