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Etholvants are a collection of 10,000 unique, evolving creatures on the ETH blockchain. Released on October 26th and available for mint for 0.024 ETH, etholvants have begun to gain popularity in NFT communities. Each born with 24 cells, these NFTs can either be combined with others or evolve with staking to increase cells on the etholvants website.

How Does It Work?

Each etholvant staked will gain two cells for every four hours staked. That means it gains 12 cells every 24 hours.

When you combine multiple etholvants, each is burnt. This is where the deflationary aspect comes in. When you combine/burn two etholvants, a new one is created with the combined cells. To put it plainly, if you combine an etholvant with 40 cells and one with 32 cells, you will now have one with 72 cells.

When staked, etholvants will never stop evolving. There is no cap on total cells, meaning your etholvant will grow as long as you stake it. Also, there are no fees to stake or combine etholvants, and only a 0.01 ETH unstaking fee for the total batch that you are unstaking.

Behind the Numbers

Upon mint, the project sold out. At the time of writing, 584 etholvants have been burnt and 3779 have been staked. Only 620, or 6% of the supply, is available for sale on OpenSea. With few available, and more being burnt daily, etholvants are slowly going to get difficult to acquire.

Coming in at a floor price of 0.05 ETH, etholvants are a collection that novice NFT collectors can afford.

Rating: 8.5/10


This is one of my favorite projects to be released in the last few weeks. I did not hear anything about the launch and only saw it while browsing Nansen and saw a handful of smart money buyers moving on them. As soon as I realized what they were, I was hooked. This isn’t just an art NFT, this is an NFT that is alive and growing. It grows as you do, every single day, and you get to watch it on its journey. This isn’t just a buy and flip NFT. Watch it grow with you and create an intricate piece of art before your eyes. You can also combine pieces to make your perfect creature, not to mention making etholvants more scarce in the process.

The etholvants team has created a simple system that doesn’t push unnecessary tokens that you see a lot of pfp projects shill these days. Also, there is no “game” promised down the line or a roadmap full of promises that may or may not come true. This is an incredibly intricate, yet somehow a still simple project.

Our Public NFT Wallet!

Altcoin Buzz has recently started a public wallet that you can follow! We purchased an etholvant on October 26th for 0.08 ETH, including gas fees. Immediately staked on the etholvants website, it has grown from 24 cells to 46 cells. This is not an order to buy this collection, nor is it financial advice. This is a very cool project with long-term value. Do research into evolvants and determine if it is the proper collection for your wallet! Follow our wallet to see what we are buying, selling, and holding. Use that as a jumping-off point for your own research.

Etholvant #976 staked
Altcoin Buzz etholvant #922 staked and growing by the hour

Remember to always do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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