Gaining an Edge With NFTScoring

NFTs continue to remain a subject that many cannot fully understand. How do you value an NFT? How do you determine if it will do well? Well, that is now a problem of the past as many analytics platforms spring up to address the issue. One particular platform that provides deep insights for users is NFTScoring. 

NFTScoring is an NFT analytics platform that provides a full suite of tools to help users become adept at profiting from the burgeoning NFT “asset class.” The platform tracks more than 75,000 NFT projects that ventured through Opensea in the Ethereum Network.

What Is Offered on NFTScoring?

The platform offers both a free version and a paid version. Obviously, being a paid member unlocks more features. Some of these features include:

  • Fully unlocked expert view. Built for active NFT traders, this feature unlocks access to listings, sales volumes, and transactions over a set time period.
  • Rarity view. You can also view the NFTs that are sorted based on their ranks. Paid users gain access to the buy rank which ranks NFT collections based on the ones that give the best deal based on the NFTScoring algorithm.
  • Social view. Get all the information you need from Twitter and Discord in one platform (NFTScoring).
  • Identify trending collections that have the most attention and liquidity. You can also see trending collections from a period as short as a one-minute basis that suits the style of an NFT flipper.
  • Gain access to NFT drops. Get curated lists of some of the most anticipated NFT projects, projects with the most upvotes, and projects trending on Twitter.
  • Whale tracking. Track whales and never trade against them again since whales can have substantial impact on the prices of NFTs. You can also track whales that are profitable and copy trade them. Trading has never been easier!

Backed by reputable companies such as Y Combinator and Credo Ventures, NFTScoring unlocks many features that simplify complex data into actionable insights for its users. With an advanced analytics dashboard and charts simplified, anyone from beginners to experts can leverage the user-friendly platform to make profitable trades. The company also has a Discord channel where they regularly interact with the community to share NFT analysis and strategies with them. This is something that we appreciate since it shows the team’s continued dedication to value delivery for their community. To stay ahead of its competitors, NFTScoring constantly pushes out new updates.

While there are other similar platforms out there too, it is important to always do your own research and consider other factors such as pricing before getting into a subscription.

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