Galactic Gecko Space Garage NFT Collection Review

Space-racing geckos with a warrior past are the stars of the Galactic Gecko Space Garage (GGSG), an NFT Social Adventure Club. With the founders out of the scene and a new DAO in power, is GGSG worth it? Let’s find out.

What Is the Galactic Gecko Space Garage NFT Collection?

Galactic Gecko Space Garage, or GGSG for short, is a blue-chip NFT collection in the Solana ecosystem that launched in 2021. As one of the OG projects in the Solana NFT scene, Galactic Gecko Space Garage is a 10,000-piece NFT project with unique lizard-inspired PFPs with galactic-themed art. The project’s art has been a staple from its inception, owing to its well-known and renowned NFT artist – Gossip Goblin.

The project lore depicts these NFTs as a part of an adventure social club of 10,000 former soldiers turned pacifist geckos who solve global problems by competing in space races. These ex-soldiers have chosen to settle political disputes through perilous spaceship races rather than wars.

The lore divides each gecko racer into four factions: Alura, Targari, Martu, and Barada. An extra mysterious undiscovered garage is also present. The hidden faction is locked up, and somewhere in the vast space lies the key that will unlock it. The other four factions must band together to locate the extinct fifth one.

The GGSG project is more than mere PFP. The DAO at Galactic Gecko Space Garage aims to build an immersive community-driven universe and storyline. The holders can voice feedback on various topics, including production and creative vision.

The Four Factions of Galactic Gecko Space Garage (GGSG)

Even seemingly insignificant individual traits have backstories that owners can learn in concise descriptions. The faction trait found in each Galactic Gecko NFT is its most significant feature. The four factions that a holder can get their hands on are:

  1. Taragi Faction – The Taragi faction is the only one with a central garage outside its natal galaxy. They are renowned for their love of and affinity for deep space and for the cutting-edge technology they employ to wander beyond. This faction has some of the most brilliant and talented brains in the Geckoverse.
  2. Barada Faction –  They have their central base in a hard-to-navigate meteor cloud. This party of racers is closest to the Geckos’ progenitors in the past due to their fierce reputation. The Barada have forgotten the least of the gecko warrior culture among all the racers thriving today, and their training, tradition, and mercilessness back it up.
  3. Martu Faction –  The Martu are distinct from the other groups in that they occasionally engage in political scheming. They are among the slyest and most ruthless racers competing today.
  4. Alura Faction – The Alura are distinguished for their seemingly mystical flair. This group has generated some of the most heroic and dramatic gecko-racing personalities.
Galactic Geckos
Galactic Geckos

By giving the owner of a Galactic Gecko NFT an identity beyond the standard character attributes and attires other NFT projects offer, factions empower and provide solid worth to the holder.

Faction membership was randomized at the time of mint. So if a holder wants to switch to a different one, they can swap or sell their existing gecko for a new one of the desired faction.

Geckoverse and the Grape Protocol

Each faction has its own space for communication, granted by Grape Protocol integration. And by possessing a Galactic Gecko NFT, you are eligible for these exciting spaces.

In the Geckoverse, there are currently three separate NFT collections:

1. Galactic Geckos – These gecko space racers and former space mercenaries are the cornerstones of the Geckoverse.

2. Enigma Crystals – The collection depicts these crystals as the epitome of Gecko technology. They could potentially be similar to the Mutant Serum airdropped to BYAC NFT owners. Enigma Crystals come in eight varieties and are required to unlock the garage door lock on the extinct faction.

The team offered 2,602 Enigma Crystals to community members who owned gecko “teams” made up of one NFT from each of the four factions. The airdrop took place on October 22nd, 2021.

3. Concordians – These NFTs are a group of droids created by the enigmatic fifth faction. The Concordians are in charge of everything and have brainwashed all the gecko leaders into pacifists. The fifth mystery faction supposedly made these smaller robotic geckos.

Owners of Gecko NFTs received the 4,096-token Concordians collection through an airdrop on October 24th, 2021. Currently, they only serve the goal of introducing new members to the community at a reasonable cost and are the most affordable entrée into the Garage.

Galactic Geckos
Galactic Gecko Space Garage
Galactic Gecko Space Garage Rarity

A Galactic Gecko can have permutations of 162 different traits. But having only four or fewer attributes are considered “clean” and could have a 35-60% premium above floor Geckos. There are seven categories of traits:

  1. Armor
  2. Body
  3. Eyes
  4. Ears
  5. Helmet
  6. Mouth
  7. Faction

Every trait except faction has about five different rarities. And, these traits could be Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic, or Ultra rarity. Interestingly, Ghostly White, Spectral Black, and Neon Green body types command the highest prices.

Factions can be distinguished from one another by the color of their backdrop: red for Barada, green for Martu, violet for Alura, and black for Targari.

A holder can check the rarity of their Geckos NFT using the Galactic Gecko rarity tool or Concordian rarity tool and find the rarity percentage from the Solanafloor.

The Galactic Gecko lore has been expertly crafted, and the loremaster has meticulously conjured up a story for every trait, including the common ones! You can explore the extensive Geckoverse lore using the interactive page on the old website. But please note that the DAO has created a new website for the collection, and the old one is no longer maintained. So only use it to scour through the lore.

The collection has recently offered NFT staking, and locked non-custodial staking is live on the new official website.

You can stake your Gecko NFT to earn CRED, their off-chain loyalty points. CRED, or Intergalactic Credits, is necessary to mint the fifth faction, animate your Geckos (not launched yet), gamified staking, and more.

Galactic Gecko Solanart

In the weeks before the Gecko collection’s mint on September 22nd, 2021, their unusual appearance garnered attention on social media. The mint price was about 2 SOL each, and all 10,000 Geckos swiftly sold out. Soon after, on October 2nd, 2021, the floor price skyrocketed to approximately 25x the mint price.

You can buy Galactor Geckos from Solanart, and about 113 are listed. MagicEden has around 233 geckos listed, while OpenSea has only single digits listed. Solanart has a similar UI to OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace. So for novices, Solanart might be a better option, even though it has only half the listings of MagicEden. But if you want to get on the bandwagon economically, MagicEden might be ideal because they have the lowest floor price.


The Gecko collection has captivating artwork, a reputation for being coveted, a sizable following, and a new team devoted to restoring them to their former glory. The lore is enticing and engaging. If you want to belong to a community that is active and has a long-term vision, GGSG could be a viable option.

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