Join unusual whales with NFT ownership, or traditional subscriptions

More and more people are buying boosting NFTs purchases worldwide, making it a very profitable business. However, wouldn’t you like to have a tool to analyze those movements and take advantage of this tendency?

Unusual Whales is a Stock/Options/Crypto service and a great follow on Twitter to add. Launching in 2020 and taking off in 2021, Unusual Whale is a tool every retail stock/options trader should know. This platform bridges the gap between retail and institutional investors.

Initially, followers gained access to the tools with a traditional subscription service. First, Unusual Whales began to embrace Web3 in September of this year. Now, holding an Unusual Whales NFT in your MetaMask wallet also gives access to the trading tools.

What Tools Do You Get with Unusual Whales NFTs?

When you buy a Whale on OpenSea, all you need to do is connect your wallet to the website, and you gain access to a wealth of tools.

These tools include both retail stock trading, crypto, and NFT tools. The entire premise of Unusual Whales is to follow the flow. Users can do this in real-time with a premium subscription or delay, as with the NFT access. Here is an example of an alert in a tweet:

What’s the flow?

Starting as a tool to expose American Congressional insider trading, the flow has evolved. Therefore, users can follow every large options trade and use various filters to gauge the market. Someone always seems to know significant, market-influencing announcements before they happen, and the Options market is typically how that is reflected. Following this flow of whale money is an invaluable tool to retail investors.

Additional Benefits of Unusual Whales

Users can take advantage of the additional benefits of unusual whales by filtering by:

  • Bullish/Bearish Sentiment
  • Big Whales
  • Premium Size
  • Ticker Symbol, among others.

The retail trading tools are endless on this platform. Flow alerts can be set up, so users don’t even need to watch the flow themselves.

Also, with Unusual Whales NFT, holders receive access to NFT trading tools. The site tracks whale trades in the NFT market and follows top wallets in the space, similar to

Should I Buy an Unusual Whale?

The current price of an Unusual Whale is 0.014ETH, or USD 61 on OpenSea. This gives full access to the NFT tools and limited retail trading tools. To get full access, users need to purchase a monthly subscription.

For the average retail investor or NFT trader like myself who dabbles more in DeFi than TradFi, access to these tools for $60 seems like a no-brainer. Keep in mind, this is a one-time fee, and they are continuously updating the site. Maybe not a good investment in the sense that the floor price is going to the moon, it may not.

The value this brings is the tools it provides. If used correctly, holders can make a lot more than $60 when they have the Unusual Whale NFT. Look for more sites to provide access through NFTs, and if used right, real value can be realized.

Note: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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