Meet Mooning Monkey: A New Crash Game With P2E Options

We now take a look at Mooning Monkey. A revised crash game offering big rewards. Today, minting of 12,000 NFTs starts, each with unique characteristics.

Mooning Monkey adds excitement to the P2E field. With a redesigned crash game, it has everyone on the edge of their seats. Minting starts today with a Dutch auction with a starting price of 1.5 ETH. The floor is at 0.15 ETH. Every six minutes, there is a 0.01 ETH price drop. This continues until the NFTs sell out or reach the floor price.

What Are the Mooning Monkey Special Benefits?

All Mooning Monkey NFTs are unique and have real-world utility. They have four finite tiers. Moreover, during the minting process of the NFTs, the game distributes 239 rare and unique traits. Players can reach the next level by burning a specified quantity of previous level NFTs. Level 1 has 12,000 Mooning Monkeys. Level 2 slims down to 3,000 Galactic Gorillas. On level 3, we find a limited number of 1,000 Alien Gorillas. Arriving at level 4 leaves only 500 Eternal Yetis.

The native Takion token (TAK) powers the Mooning Monkey game. Players earn this token through in-game rewards or get them through token sales. Furthermore, secondary markets and future listings on CEXes are other options to get the TAK token.

Another unique feature of the game is a limited digital NFT edition of a comic book. The collection tells the story of the Mooning Monkeys. This comic book collection has four parts. Each part has 14 pages. For every page of the comic, Mooning Monkey mints 100 NFTs. This makes for a total of 5,600 unique NFTs. Whoever collects 14 pages of any chapter receives a special surprise. On the other hand, owning the whole collection gives access to a unique supply of special privileges.

Playing the Mooning Monkey Crash Game

The Mooning Monkey crash game offers lots of fun and the opportunity to win crypto. In the game, players bet against a monkey on his way to the moon. The game also offers a multiplier that increases the crypto players can win. It is vital to cash out before the monkey crashes. The bet gets multiplied by the preset limit. But if the monkey crashes before cashing out, players lose their bet.

Players will not leave the game empty-handed. The game offers cashback and bonuses that comes with a five-level bonus program. The game sets the lower limit at 1% and the higher limit at 3%. This is only for players betting with the TAK token. The cashback works also with a five-tier structure. Lower limits are 1%, and higher limits come in at 3%.

How to Earn Passive Income With Mooning Monkeys?

Hodling your Mooning Monkey NFTs pays off big time. Moreover, holders of Mooning Monkey NFTs become a shareholder of the game. The game distributes 50% of game profits back to NFT collectors. Furthermore, comic collectors also receive a 10% cashback.

The Mooning Monkey game distributes each day free TAK tokens to NFT holders. This airdrop for a Mooning Monkey NFT is 10 TAK. For a Galactic Gorilla, a player receives 40 TAK. Alien Gorillas receive 120 TAK. An Eternal Yeti receives a whooping 240 TAK. For each comic book NFT page, a holder receives 15 TAK.

The game also offers a gliding bonus reward scheme. Galactic Gorillas receive 2.5% and Alien Gorillas get 7.5%. The Eternal Yeti receives no less than a 15% bonus reward.

Referrals are another way of generating passive income. All the referrals winning have a 1.99% cashback.

Staking the TAK token is one more option for setting up a passive income stream. APYs range between 5% and 100%, pending on the amount of each stake.

Holding on to the game NFTs pays off in generous ways. Participating and publicizing in the game gives great dividends in return. Moreover, the possibilities for making passive income are plenty in this game.


Moon Monkey is a new player on the P2E playing field. It will compete with other crash games like Space XY. But Moon Monkey offers unique benefits and passive income options. This gives Moon Monkey a cutting edge in this field.

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