But what is Ape Fest and how can you be a part of one of the most exclusive parties in the NFT community?

A week of events at NFT.NYC, Ape Fest is the real-life gathering of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club holders. Events Include:

  • Real Yacht Party
  • Exclusive Merch Pop-Up
  • Warehouse Party
  • VIP Charity Dinner

A week chock full of events for holders. But does that justify the ticket price?

To get into these events, first, you need to hold one Bored Ape or One Mutant Ape. Wristbands were given out to the Yacht Party and Warehouse Party to holders, plus a guest. Currently, the floor price for a Bored Ape is Ξ32 (USD $146k) or one Mutant Ape will set you back Ξ3.8 (USD $17K). Keep in mind, many BAYC members are long-term holders. According to Nansen, 55% of BAYC has been distributed to holders who have had the NFT for longer than 90 days. This includes minters who paid Ξ0.08 or $177 USD at the time of mint. A completely free event for holders; quite the price to pay for secondary buyers. Not to mention, the Yacht Party is only available for the first 1000 holders in line.

The VIP Dinner is only available to 50 holders, each ticket available at auction.

With some top names in the mix already, this may not only be a donation to Red Apes and ProjectDrawdown but a fantastic networking opportunity for attendees.

Warehouse Party

The focal point, and largest event of Ape Fest, is the party that all of NFT Twitter was talking about last night.

So who did this little collection of jpeg collectors have come to perform at this concert?

Only a selection of some of the most recognizable names in music and entertainment:

  • The Strokes
  • Lil Baby
  • Rich The Kid
  • Questlove
  • Aziz Ansari
  • Beck
  • Chris Rock

Of course, NFT Twitter went wild with excitement from attendees, and FOMO for those not at Ape Fest:

Events By Communities, Not For Communities

This is another perfect example of the intersection between the real and digital world, and proof that this is the path for success for a lot of these collections. As mentioned yesterday, Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory is another fantastic example of this.

They are bridging the gap between this digital asset we carry on our phones, and the people that carry them in the real world. No longer are these communities only interacting on Discord. They are bringing these servers to life and putting on events people want to be a part of.

Look for more collections to integrate IRL events into their offerings. The value in these collections is the community. Collections that value their community and put on events like Ape Fest will be the ones that thrive and be the ones that NFT holders value the most.

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