NFTs are a scam? NFTs are dead?  Relax, they are pranks by Bobby Hundreds, the man behind the Adam Bomb Squad collection. Last year, during NYC NFT, they staged an anti-NFT demo. Some people wore this shirt.

There’s also no such thing as coincidence, since last week we saw the NFT NYC 2023. That’s why I brought up the shirts. It’s a great joke and many people fell for it. But, of course, NFTs are not dead and not all NFTs are a scam. You must be careful, though. That’s why I will help you to weed out the bad projects. I’m about to give you some good alpha on three Solana NFTs projects.

#1: Cyber Frogs

So, the first project I look at today, is Cyber Frogs. They are a Solana OG project and not your average NFT project. They always keep building and expanding their project. For example, they have strong fundamentals behind them. That’s of course, besides the pfp collection. It was originally a rugged project, but the community took it over.

There are four features that make this project stand out. Let’s check them out, so, we have:

  • Thor – that’s their flagship. It’s a fully automated trading bot. It comes with 10 years of historical trading data. Thor also has integrated risk profiles. So, you connect your wallet and set your risk profile. Now you can follow and copy other traders. You can buy or sell, depending on what they do. As a holder, you have free access to the bot. You even receive a free deposit, to help your trading get underway.
  • Sniper – A sniper bot for Solana, for all Cyber Frogs holders.
  • The Frog Machine – Blend two Frog Solana NFTs into one. You can also select preferred traits.
  • Staking – stake your Cyber Frogs. Earn $Kira, the in-house currency.
  • Market – Raffles, attribute updates, P2P marketplace.
  • Token marketplace – Buy or sell utility tokens.

So, as you can see, strong fundamentals. Their NFT collection launched in October 2021. The mint was 1 SOL. Currently, Moonly tells us that the floor price fluctuates between 15 and 17 SOL. The supply is 8,888 collectibles. 

So, did you like this? Ready to try out Thor? Let me know how you feel about these Solana OGs. That brings us to my next pick, the Immortals.

#2 Immortals

Immortals are a collection of 3,333 pixel monstrosities. Their goal is to exact revenge on the FTX’s, SBF’s, and Alameda’s of this crypto world. Remember, FTX screwed Solana and the Solana Foundation worse than most. So, the project believes that returning even stronger is the best revenge.

They do this with the Solana Shuffle. This is an NFT jackpot game. A provably fair player vs player jackpot game. 

immortals NFT review

Source: Solanafloor

More games are in the planning. Since early March, there’s a second game, Moon Tower. The game integrates with Hadeswap. This is an AMM (automated market maker) NFT marketplace. You can trade and swap Solana NFTs in liquidity pools. For example, just how you trade crypto at a DEX like Uniswap.

Now, if you are a holder of an Immortal, you get a 90% revenue share. There’s a weekly pay-out that is between 0.1 to 0.5 SOL or more. That depends on how many Immortals you hold. In this bear market, that’s good. Imagine what this can be in a bull market! They also have a record of their pay-outs, so it’s not fake or a scam.

Let’s check out Moonly for data information. The current floor is 8 SOL. Their mint price was 4 SOL, so that’s x2 right here. However, their ATH was as high as 30 SOL. Now it ranges between 8 and 10. That’s a great entry point. Let’s have a look at my last pick for the day, Liberty Square.

#3 Liberty Square

Here’s another project that is different. Liberty Square started out with 9,999 Solana NFTs of Sinister Squirrels. However, where most projects decrease the collection, Liberty Square increased theirs. 

So, this team keeps building. Which is great and they do an excellent job. They not only have a roadmap, they stick to it, deliver, and document it. In the meantime, they hold their cards close to their chest. I don’t know what their next big move will be. So, this brings a lot of anticipation and excitement to the project.

Not only are they an art project, but they also build out their ecosystem. So, let’s have a look at that. They have, for example:

  • Great style and art
  • Narrative building with their manifesto – Their vision. It’s great to see that their style reflects this. It shows 10 different gangs and 12 breeds of squirrel.
  • Airdrops for holders – They’ve been airdropping to holders already. 
  • Holders have IP rights. This is cool.
  • Staking – Earn $LFTH, their utility token. You can earn LFTH if you don’t list your Solana NFTs. LFTH from staking goes back to the holders. The team distributes this at random points throughout the year.

Let’s have a look at what Moonly has to say about the current floor. The mint price was 0,88 SOL and the ATH was 31.5 SOL earlier in January. Now the floor is 9.7. It was 14 a month ago. In other words, a great entry point.

Do you like what Liberty Square has to offer? Don’t miss out on the following recommendations.

#4 Recommendations

Here are those bonus recommendations I mentioned earlier:

  • At Mob Studios, they are about to merge their current 6 collections into 1 ultimate collection. The reveal was at the recent NYC NFT. The floors of all collections are rising. Get into the action. This may well be one of Solana’s best kept secrets.
  • Taiyo Pilots, a free mint that went all the way to 46 SOL as ATH. It’s now almost 11 SOL. Can it find the upswing again?

Smart Sea Society, use AI to help your trading. Launched in May 2022. 7ATH at 5.3 SOL. Mint price at 1.9 SOL. Current price 1.8 SOL, and rising?

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