Papa Johns NFTs
Papa Johns’ NFTs are coming, free, to eligible wallets.

Pizza fans in the UK are going to be able to show off their fandom in the metaverse. In a press release sent out today, Papa Johns announced they are giving away 19,840 NFTs, inspired by the company’s pizza hot bags.

The NFTs will drop on dates throughout March. Eligible orders will be able to link their Tezos wallet address to their order. When their real-life pizza order arrives, a hot bag NFT will arrive in their wallet.

As mentioned, these NFTs are minted on the Tezos blockchain. We’ve taken a look at this chain before in the context of NFTs. The main takeaway is that as an energy-efficient blockchain, these NFTs are also energy-efficient. There is no worry of the environmental impact of transactions on this chain, as there is with the ETH network for example.

Are Papa Johns NFTs Worth the Hype?

NFTs don’t need to have a monetary value or promise of financial return. We’re probably going to see the SEC make that very clear soon.

NFTs do not need to be a financial instrument. There are many more applications of the tech, and Papa Johns is only scratching the surface themselves. Holders will be able to wear these items in the metaverse and show off their Papa Johns fandom. Additionally, one Hot Bag holder will be the winner of a free, real-life, hot bag. And to add, five real pizza bags will go on sale on DePop as part of this marketing initiative. That sale is live today!

NFTs, give internet users a way to express themselves in ways they were not able to before. While this does seem like a way for a corporate brand to hop on a hot trend, we’re starting to see traditional companies embrace the benefits of Web3. They are using this technology to create long-term experiences for their customers. Papa Johns is looking to expand their ordering experience past simply ordering a pizza and eating it. Now, you can attach an ownable digital item to this experience.

It’s pretty smart marketing in the grand scheme of things. Instead of eating the pizza they ordered and throwing out the box, now, customers flaunt the brand in the new digital world. It’s only a matter of time before every item you buy comes with an ownable digital counterpart. It’s a no-brainer for everyone involved. Buyers get further value in the items/experiences they buy. Sellers can provide this value at little cost and can reap the benefits of free advertisement in the digital world. This is the progression we are seeing on the internet.

NOTERemember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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