Pepsi NFT Mic Drop Stealth Launch

Mic Drop NFT collection available this week.

Carbonated soda-making giant Pepsi is jumping into the NFT game.

Their collection, titled Mic Drop, is available to mint for waitlisted wallets tomorrow. To get on the waitlist, you need to be paying attention to Twitter. Pepsi is set to tweet their waitlist link tomorrow at an unannounced time. When the link to register is available, the first 1,843 wallets to register can mint a Mic for free+gas.

How Do I Get a Pepsi NFT?

Pepsi’s Mic Drop genesis collection stores the NFTs on the ETH chain. A total of 1,893 NFTs will be available in total, signifying the year Pepsi was invented.

The collection “pays homage to our love of pop stars and musical legends while setting the stage for what’s to come in the world of Pepsi NFTs.” In order to mint, connect your MetaMask wallet to the website when it is available. That’s it! With such an easy and free mint process, expect this collection to mint out quickly.

Brands Beginning to Embrace Web3

This announcement is part of the wave of brands stepping into NFTs, creating a larger discussion. Budweiser released an NFT collection last week. Additionally, they proudly display their beer.eth ENS domain on Twitter.

The Pepsi drop is similar to that of the Budweiser one. They released 1,936 cans to symbolize the year the first Budweiser can released. The main difference is in the mint price. Budweiser charged $500 USD for a Heritage Can. Currently, the floor price for a Budweiser Heritage Can is 0.7 ETH and climbing.

Budweiser has announced that there are further benefits coming with their NFTs. On the other hand, Pepsi has been very quiet about the additional benefits/utility of their NFTs. There could be nothing, but with how utility-driven the NFT community is, I doubt it will be a strictly pfp project.

Brands Telling Us WAGMI?

More brands seem to be embracing Web3 and NFTs. As more enter the space by the day, be careful of what you buy. Many are just here to take advantage of the hype and the sudden influx of cash we’ve seen over the last few months.

Some are coming in and embracing the NFT culture:

While others are dipping their toes in and backing off:

More brands coming in and embracing the culture brings more eyes and money to the space. But if they keep folding to the people with the loudest voices and the least understanding of the space, we probably won’t make it. Watch this Pepsi drop closely. Minting on the ETH blockchain, they’re pretty open to the typical NFT FUD we’re used to. See how they respond to this, and go from there if you are buying on the secondary market.

Turn your notifications on for the Pepsi Twitter account to have a chance at a free NFT (plus gas)!

Note: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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