Dustbreakers is a play to mint bot free mint experience!

How Do You Win Your Way Onto the List? With Play to Mint. That’s How.

Dustbreakers is a hand-drawn collection of 10,000 NFTs with P2E game integration. Ordinarily, this sounds like any other NFT collection released in the last month.

But Dustbreakers is about to change the NFT game. Quite literally.

Today, Dustbreakers is launching a mini-game that gives the top players automatic mint spots. They are taking bots out of the equation, going away from the FCFS or Sweepstakes whitelist (WL) access that we’ve become used to. Typically, WL spots are given to:

  • The First in each Discord
  • Highest level in Discord server
  • Highest Discord Invites to server
  • Giveaway and sweepstakes winners
Play to Mint vs traditional mint processes
via metatheorykev.medium.com

This leaves spots for bots, the most connected in the community, and the lucky.

How Is Dustbreakers Changing This?

Dustbreakers Play-to-Mint game will give players a chance to earn their way to an NFT. Launching today at 10 pm UTC, players will have 48 hours to work their way up the leaderboard. The top players (amount TBA) at the end of the game get to mint up to 3 NFTs at 0.06ETH each over 48 hours to mitigate gas.

This is a brand new approach to the flawed minting experience we’re seeing in the NFT world. Players have to prove they are real people, by actually playing a game over 48 hours. This is a pretty hard WL to bot your way onto.

Also, not all the spots are going to people who have all day to play the game either. The remaining mint spots not given out to the top players are going to be given away in sweepstakes to players that missed out. Either way, you need to play the game to mint!

How Is This Going to Change NFT Minting?

As we’ve learned, the NFT space is both extremely creative and uncreative. We see waves of new, innovative ideas every few weeks, and then a tsunami of direct copycats and outright copy-pastes in between.

Additionally, The community latches onto good ideas fast. And Dustbreakers may have come up with a great idea. If this goes to plan, it will completely remove bots from the mint equation. The people who will get the NFTs in their collection, are the ones actively participating in the Dustbreakers ecosystem. Talk about a connected community!

Everything in terms of provable fairness is posted by the team to ensure transparency. The team is giving a preview of what they can do with their Play-to-Mint minigame. This is a project to not only watch long-term but participate in a fun mint experience.

Join their Discord and follow on Twitter for more information!

Something to consider: Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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