Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) picked up steam in 2021, thanks to initiatives like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. However, 2022 seems to hold more popularity for the growing market.

Several projects embraced the NFT trend in 2021. However, as the adoption of these digital assets continues to grow, other organizations are entering the market. Propy is one of the projects advancing NFT adoption. Propy focuses on integrating blockchain and real estate by making the home acquisition process faster and easier. The protocol offers an industry-transforming mixture of both NFTs and real estate. 

Florida Becomes Home to the First Real Estate NFT Auction

Propy is preparing to run the first NFT-backed real-estate auction this month. This comes after the real estate firm worked on the technology and regulatory framework to convert real estate properties into NFTs. Propy’s auction offers its users a one-of-a-kind experience. According to the platform, buyers receive a guarantee on each payment.

In addition, Propy records each purchase on the blockchain and makes legal documents accessible to buyers. This saves money for purchasers and speeds up the buying process by allowing them to purchase a house in just a few minutes. Furthermore, Propy intends to expand this product globally. The real estate giant intends to provide a wider adoption of NFTs in the real estate sector in the coming days.

Speaking on why it chose Florida, Propy hinted at the technology-friendly government of the state as a huge factor. But, according to founder and CEO Natalia Karayaneva, Florida has several other charming factors that make it a warm destination for its NFT auction. For example, Florida’s demographic statistics and its price growth are bait for most real estate firms. In addition, Florida boasts a growing job market and runs a 0% individual state income tax policy.

About the Auction

Although the impending NFT sale in Tampa will be the first in the United States, Propy already completed its first-ever NFT sale in 2017.  At the time, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington sold his Kyiv condominium for 36 ether. However, this Florida auction holds much promise. 

According to a Propy blog post, the NFT collectibles include

  • Access to ownership transfer paperwork
  • The property picture
  • NFT mural by the local artist Derek Donnelly, “Saint Paint.”

Propy fixed the starting price for the auction at $650,000. The intended auction is a Spanish-inspired mansion in the elite area of Gulfport, one of Florida’s most creative and attractive cities. The magnificent home features 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and a detached 1 bedroom, 1 bath garden suite. 

Speaking of Propy’s plans, Karayaneva said: “At Propy, we have developed all the necessary smart contracts and a compatible legal framework that allows tokenizing any real estate property in the United States. NFT sales reached $4 billion in December 2021, and real-world assets will soon represent a significant portion of that market”.

The Rise of NFTs

Propy’s bold dive into NFTs follows the global NFT craze. The potential for combining NFTs with assets such as house titles and business contracts is fascinating. The public is becoming aware of the possibilities of NFTs. Furthermore, the global economic hardship makes NFT a good bailout for some people.

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