Ronin Warriors NFT Collection Review

We look at the RONIN Warriors NFT collection's popularity and where it could be heading in the near future.

ronin warrios nft collecion review

The RONIN Warriors is an NFT collection of 1,111 unique samples on Solana. Minted in August 2022, this NFT collection provides the ability to stake the NFTs to earn $CHI, their native utility token. The token is used in games and purchasing items on Dojo Marketplace. $CHI also allows entries into Enchanted Raffles and purchasing items via Auctions.

The team hopes to enrich the ecosystem of this NFT collection. The creators behind the project imply holders will benefit from holding the NFT and the ecosystem it belongs to. So, in this article, you will discover a quick review of the Ronin Warrior’s NFT collection.

What are RONIN Warriors NFTs?

Pairing RONIN NFTs with Projekt Paradises’ Gen 0 Warrioress NFT collection leads to a staking multiplier. The team has promised more innovative use of the $CHI token and the NFT is to come.

Who made RONIN Warriors NFTs?

The experienced team behind Ronin Warriors NFTs consists of 5 core members and was founded by Terrance. It is well ingrained within the Solana NFT space. Terrance is also the founder of Official Alien Sub Dao for Abracadabra.

The co-founder of the RONIN Warriors NFT collection is Tommy. He is also the co-owner of NorCal Esports and NorCal Rising. Krazy is the Community Manager for RONIN NFTs. Similarly, he is also active in the Solana NFT scene. Krazy is the community manager for Alien Sub Dao for Abracadabra. Justin is the Developer whilst BullDoge is the Front End Developer.

Where to buy RONIN Warriors NFTs?

You can buy the RONIN Warrior NFT collection from a few official marketplaces. The Projekt Paradise marketplace s a good place to start. However, the availability of the NFTs could perhaps be limited. In addition, the creators have two native marketplaces. Known as SOL-Market and CHI-Market. This is handy as collectors can use their staked earnings toward their purchase. Still, here’s a word of caution. $CHI used in their marketplace is their native token and shouldn’t be confused with Xaya ($CHI).

In addition to the official marketplaces, the collection is also available on a variety of NFT marketplaces. These include OpenSea, MagicEden, and Solanart.

Ronin NFT Marketplace
source: Projekt Paradise
How to buy RONIN Warriors NFTs?

In order to purchase a RONIN Warrior NFT on one of the marketplaces follows these simple steps:

1. Set up a Solana wallet like Phantom or Sollet.
2. Withdraw $SOL token from exchanges like Binance or Coinbase to the wallet.
3. Choose your desired marketplace and if necessary create an account in it.
4. Connect your wallet to the marketplace.
5. Click on the Solana NFT you want to buy, and a pop-up will open displaying its attributes, price, token details, and the option to buy or make an offer.
6. Click on buy now, check the total cost along with the transaction fee and hit buy!

When did Ronin Warriors NFTs come out?

The collection was minted on August 10th at the price of 0.69 SOL. The collection had a total sales volume of $1.27k. One RONIN Warriors NFT cost, on average, $74.5.
The most expensive NFT from the collection sold for $232 on 7th July 2022. It was for Ronin #996. With a total supply of 1,111 tokens, there are 219 RONIN Warriors owners. As of September 29, the collection has a Market Cap of $0.08M and a Floor Price of 1.69 SOL.


RONIN Warriors by Projekt Paradise is a fairly new project. The success of this NFT collection will depend largely on the ecosystem. The art is good enough as a pfp. However, most collectors like to show off their high-value collections as their avatars. Currently, the NFT collection is not premium enough. The Gen 0 Warriorsess collection (simply named Projekt Paradise) pixelated art is much more distinctive.

The team is definitely skilled and resourceful. They have delivered many working products. The native marketplace is impressive. The ability to buy via auctions, staking, and the general ecosystem is positive. The team members are also well known in the Solana NFT scene. This helps in terms of collaboration and network building. With the total sales volue quite low and potentially a prolonged bear market most NFT collections and teams will struggle. This project is one to watch, let’s hope they don’t run out of cash before they can hit the heights that they are capable of.

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