Satoshibles NFT Bridges From ETH to BTC

NFT collection Satoshibles announces they are partnering with Stacks to bridge the collection to the Bitcoin network.

Satoshibles is giving its holders a choice as to where their NFT is stored. Partnering with Stacks and using the StacksBridge, holders can choose between ETH and BTC. Rolling out in phases, holders will be able to transfer their Satoshible NFT to the STX network by the end of year.

This is a first in the NFT space. Satoshibles holders will be able to mint their token IDs and securely store them in their STX wallet.

What Will a Bitcoin Satoshible Look Like?

Satoshibles’ move to STX was inevitable. They describe themselves as the “NFT for Bitcoin enthusiasts.” But not every holder will decide to transfer their Satoshibles collection out of the ETH network. All attributes will remain the same no matter which network secures the collection.

But how will the community tell the difference between an ETH and BTC Shatoshible?

Each Satoshible stored on the BTC network will have a colorful background and the BTC logo. The perfect way for any BTC maxi to step into NFTs!

Appearance of Satoshibles NFTs stored on STX
What Made the StacksBridge Possible?

Though Satoshibles may be the first project to use the StacksBridge, it won’t be the last. The StacksBridge was originally developed as the “Satoshibles Bridge” early in the process.

But, as the developers saw the possibilities for this, they decided to create a collection/project-agnostic platform. This is, as opposed to a bridge strictly for this collection.

This is a true Web3 move. Understanding the applications of the tech going far beyond your own project is pivotal to growth in the space. Other projects will be able to bridge their NFTs to BTC, the most secure blockchain on the planet.

Why Is the StacksBridge Important?

This puts even more power into the hands of NFT holders. StacksBridge now allows buys to choose the blockchain that secures their NFT. This opens the NFT world up to an entirely new group of buyers and holders.

This will be a two-way bridge. STX holders will be able to transfer their NFTs to ETH to sell. ETH NFT holders will be able to transfer their collection to the BTC network to secure or sell their collection on the STX marketplace. Interoperability is very important to the success of Web3. We need to be able to use the assets we have where we want; when we want to without restrictions. Having to open countless different wallets and buy different assets to participate in each area of Web3 is not sustainable in the long term. Allowing users to participate on the STX network with an NFT originally minted on the ETH network is only good for the space. It allows for more freedom, options, and availability for buyers.

The StacksBridge is set to release in December of this year. With how many doors this bridge opens, look for more collections to open their project up to more chains through this platform.

Above all, something to consider: remember always to do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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