Cordell Broadus Launches The Champ Medici Lounge in Paris

Cordell Broadus and Snoop Dogg, have a huge interest in Web3. And Snoop Dogg has recently launched The Champ Medici Lounge in Paris, closing off the Paris Blockchain Week on March 24th, 2023.

Cordell’s new launch was in partnership with the global creator company, Gushcloud. It’s a social gaming metaverse creator company. Champ Medici is a Bored Ape NFT owned by Cordell. And the launch of the lounge spoke volumes about his interest in blockchain technology.

The top Web3 creators that cover Web3 music initiatives gathered at the Champ Medici Lounge in Paris.

Cordell Broadus Launches The Champ Medici Lounge in Paris

During the sessions from the Paris Blockchain Week, Broadus and Shiv Jain, from Welcome to the Block, Sebastien Borget, and Arthur Madrid, from Sandbox, offered their perspectives on the future of investments in Web3 during the panel discussions. Also, Broadus was joined by Lenna Onto (Claynation) and Eugenie Mentre (Ledger) as they discussed creating Snoop’s music NFT projects, minting NFTs, and creating a truly effective NFT project.

There were daytime and nighttime events at the Champ Medici Lounge in Paris. The day-long event featured significant activities, such as mentoring sessions with industry leaders. This led to the exchange of investment possibilities and panel discussions on the future of investments.

The evening’s festivities took place in an opulent pop-up bar at Club L’Arc Paris and included a special physical Sandbox experience. In addition, the event featured a thrilling performance by Snoop Dogg, as well as guest performances from Laurie and DJ Sallah, both of whom are members of TEAM WANG. Interestingly, Cordell stunned the audience with a solo rap act.

Hip Hop Gold’s 50th-anniversary party was also unofficially launched in Paris, at the Champ Medici Lounge. Hip Hop Gold plans to recapture and tell the story and history of hip-hop from its early days in New York to its evolution into a global trend.

Cordell Plans to Educate People About Web3

Cordell and his legendary rapper father, Snoop Dogg, teamed up to co-host the Web3 event. Furthermore, the event was also memorable for Snoop. It marked his first tour since the pandemic. The Champ Medici Lounge in Paris assembled some of the biggest investors in Web3 and projects including Claynation, Ledger, and Sandbox.

Reacting to the launch, Cordell said, “Over the past year, we have been successfully active alongside some of the biggest events and festivals globally. I am thrilled to be in Paris with my father, who is also on tour. This is the 50th year of Hip Hop. In the future, especially for this year, we will organize a celebration for the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop in collaboration with Hip Hop Gold in Web3; we hope to use the culture to encourage and educate more people about Web3, cryptocurrency, and NFT.”

Cordell has made other striking moves in Web3. This includes establishing a $1 million fund for emerging artists in the Tezos community.

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