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Let me make it clear, Solana is not FTX. It’s true that SBF was an angel investor in Solana. So, the demise of FTX, Alameda, and SBF hit SOLANA hard.

But, the Solana blockchain is definitely not dead. Adoption is not decreasing, Solana NFT volumes soared and 10K collections sold out in past week. So, Solana as an ecosystem is showing no signs of slowing down. And right now, some Solana blue chip NFTs that can make you rich are available at massive discounts. 

What’s Happening with the Solana’s NFT Ecosystem?

The Solana NFT demise already started earlier than this FTX drama. The reason? Magic Eden, the most popular Solana NFT marketplace, changed the royalty structure effectively to 0%. This resulted in a destroyed user base and many left. So, there was already a decline before FTX joined the party.

A couple of days ago, the 2 top NFT projects in volume were Solana projects. So, before we start, you can find all mentioned NFTs on Magic Eden and most of them are also on OpenSea. For the stats, I used Moonly. Links for both are in the description below. Now I am ready to give you some tips on Solana blue chip NFTs. They certainly are on sale.

NFT Collection # 5: DeGods

I must start with DeGods. The volume that they attract is a combined total of all 10 projects, lower than DeGods. There are 10k DeGods. Also, their entry is great right now. Their floor price was at 179 SOL and is currently up to 316.5 SOL. FP ATH was 560 SOL. So, that’s almost 50+% discount, plus a discount on SOL. You can see more stats here.

They are the absolute Solana blue chip NFT. There are talks about DeGods moving to Ethereum, which caused some FUD. However, the idea is that there’s more potential and exposure on ETH. There’s also better liquidity on ETH.

Another thing to point out is that the project heavily depends on its founder, Frank. If he leaves, it may make the project rudderless. But, I agree, it’s still a steep entry price, despite all the discounts. Not everyone can afford this. So, here’s another good project with a better entry opportunity. And wait for the end, to find my favorite Solana blue chip NFT.

NFT collection # 4: y00ts

Y00ts is a fairly new collection with a better entry price and larger supply. The same developers of DeGods made the y00ts. In other words, you get an entry to the same community as DeGods. However, at a much lower entry price. Their floor price is currently at 110.99 SOL, the supply is 15k. You can see more stats here.

Now, I see the floor prices recovering a little bit. That counts for almost all Solana NFT or PFP projects. So, here’s my strategy. Instead of buying them at the listed price, I make an offer 10% below the listed price.

And don’t forget, these NFTs will do well during the next bull run. I think they will just explode. So, get in now, whilst they’re available at a discount. 

So, let’s move on to my #3 pick. The Okay Bears.

NFT collection # 3: Okay Bears

Okay Bears is still a young project. Once more, a great time to buy into this project. Their ATH was at 215 SOL, and they dipped in June to 89 SOL. Now they’re at 53.49 SOL, so almost 40% down from June. Their mint price was at 1.5 SOL and there are 10k of them. You can see its stats here.

It has a strong community and quite a few celebs bought some Okay Bears. They are among the blue-chip collections on Solana. In other words, I see them as another steal in the Solana space. And I am closing in on my top pick. Stay until the end, to see my fave collection. But before that, I look at my 2nd spot, the Cets on Creck.

NFT collection # 2: Cets on Creck

Most Solana NFTs projects boast a strong community. However, these Cets on Creck add a little extra to that. They’re strong on Twitter and are literally all over the place there.

So, let’s look at some stats on this NFT collection. The supply is 6969. Their mint price was 2 SOL, and their ATH was at 80 SOL in April. Getting them now at just 23.69 SOL is almost too good to be true. That’s 70% under the ATH! They are low risk if you hold them for the short term. For the long term, they are also a good project. You can also steke (stake) them and earn $CRECK. They also have massive WL giveaways

And before I move on to my #1 pick, I’m going to show you first a few other great NFT opportunities on Solana.

Bonus Tips

Here are some Solana NFTs projects with low entry that I can highly suggest looking into.

  • Pixels — One of the first Gen Art projects on Solana. They are tool builders.  Its floor price is at 9.6 SOL. ATH was at 16 SOL with a supply of 4.4k

  • The Anon Club — A builder who other teams look up. Only 888 of them, and floor is at 27.95 SOL. ATH was at 53. 
  • Galactic Geckos — An OG project and for PFPs. 10k supply, ATH at 32.5 SOL, currently at 19.6 SOL. 
  • ABC — No Discord but big influencer on Ethereum who moved to Solana. Supply 10k, ATH 60.5 SOL, dropped to 16.5 a few days ago, now back at 46 SOL. They are recovering really well.
  • Vandals — A low pick Gem. Supply at 10K, current floor at 4.98 SOL and ATH was at 22 SOL. There’s an art upgrade incoming, and you can stake them, to upgrade the NFT.
  • Infected Mob — One of my faves, due to the crazy art. A 7777 supply, ATH at 8 SOLO and now at 3.68 SOL, slowly creeping up again. Part of Mob studios who have various projects. Get a few and just sit on them.

So, now on to my #1 tip on Solana. Communi3: Mad Scientist.

NFT collection # 1 Communi3: Mad Scientist

For many reasons, Communi3 is my top pick. One is that they look for problems in communities and projects. In the meantime, they also look for issues that pop up.

They provide software to many DAOs and P2E games. You can compare them to a tooling platform. For example, they help to incentivize and keep track of community members. As a result, many projects use their software. This results in many collabs and WL opportunities for their own community.

It has a real use case, the price is good, and people are buying this. That’s why it is at the top of my list. The supply is 5001. The ATH was 61 SOL. The current floor is at 16.85 SOL, that’s 2.5 SOL down from their best price in November. You can see more stats here.

This is a great long-term pick. You can get fundamental use out of this. The PFP may not be the most exciting, but everything else in the package is just fab. You can also see that the total listing was always low. People hold on to this one. What are you still doing here? Go out and buy these Solana NFTs beauties.

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