cosmos nft review - part 2

This is the second part. Read the first part here.

The ecosystem of the Cosmos is expanding rapidly. Based on the Cosmos SDK, more than 50 blockchains, or “zones,” are already operational, and the number is rising.

But how do you interact with them without a suitable wallet? After all, wallets are the gateway to web3 and NFTs.

Best Cosmos Wallets for NFTs

A Cosmos wallet enables you to engage with Cosmos-based blockchains effortlessly and intuitively, just like any other Web3 or crypto asset wallet. Wallets abstract and simplify the handling of private and public keys. They make it simple to store, send, and receive any supported blockchain’s cryptocurrency assets.

There are numerous types of wallets, including hardware, desktop, browser, and mobile wallets. Each one handles the security of private keys uniquely and has different benefits and drawbacks.

The Most Popular Cosmos Wallets

Let’s take a look at some of the best wallets for Cosmos:

  1. Keplr – Keplr is the most widely used wallet for the Cosmos ecosystem. The wallet’s interoperability with Cosmos’s IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol) allows users to transfer digital assets between multiple chains. For that unaware, Keplr is the Cosmos ecosystem equivalent of MetaMask. It has a wide range of functionality, including token staking on systems like Osmosis, Akash Network, and Sifchain, to name a few Dapps hosted on Cosmos.
  2. Ledger Nano X – The Ledger Nano X is the company’s popular product and is the most extensively used hardware wallet. Ledger wallets are renowned for their improved security. Cold or hardware wallets, are less vulnerable to attacks from malicious entities because they are not directly open to the internet like browser wallets or mobile wallets are. The Ledger Nano X includes a mobile application that makes using the hardware wallet more accessible, especially for new users, and Ledger supports the majority of Cosmos-based blockchains.
  3. Guarda Wallet – Guarda Wallet is a relatively new Cosmos wallet that supports web, desktop, and mobile platforms. The wallet prioritizes usability, security, and privacy and supports thousands of different assets dispersed across other blockchain ecosystems besides the Cosmos-based networks. Other features offered by Guarda Wallet, like directly buying crypto assets and spending coins with their branded VISA card, are beneficial for first-time customers. Guarda Wallet is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a wallet that’s user-friendly and versatile.
  4. Cosmostation –

    One of the original native wallets for the Cosmos ecosystem, Cosmostation is a solid option for those who want to explore more of the numerous Cosmos zones. This wallet, which is accessible as a desktop, a mobile wallet, and a browser extension wallet, enables you to use all decentralized applications that are running on the various chains. As a fundamental component of the Cosmos infrastructure, Cosmostation also has a block, network, and smart contract explorer. You have all the resources you need to explore the Cosmos ecosystem’s finer points.

Although we have listed five different wallets in Cosmos, we highly suggest using Keplr. Almost all Cosmos ecosystem supports Keplr, more often explicitly recommending it.

Now that we have covered wallets that support cosmos assets, let us explore the top NFT marketplaces in the ecosystem.

Best NFT Marketplaces in Cosmos

1. Stargaze  Stargaze is a very intriguing NFT project built on the Cosmos SDK. It allows IBC to link with the larger Cosmos ecosystem and has its own zone in it. Stargaze’s initial goal was to reinvent social media platforms. Token ownership and NFTs were expected to be the foundation of the social network-NFT would represent all content (Profile avatars, etc.).

Likewise, Stargaze planned to have social tokens, which could be generated using $STARS, its native token. But they chose to redirect their approach since a social network on Cosmos needs the NFT space to expand before it could flourish. For this reason, Stargaze has developed an NFT marketplace. Users can create, mint, sell or buy collections effortlessly.

2. Stashh – Stashh is the first marketplace for Secret NFTs that are private by default, which is the crucial component needed to make NFTs truly practical, secure, and sustainable. It’s built on Secret Network, an independent, base-layer blockchain network developed using the Cosmos SDK.

Being powered by the first Layer 1 blockchain with privacy by default for Smart Contracts, you can mint, buy, and trade NFTs privately on Stashh.

Stach NFT Marketplace

It also implies that Stashh can provide unique features to consumers and creators, like transactional privacy by default, secret bidding, hidden collections, private ownership, and more.

3. Uptick Uptick on IRISnet Marketplace has the richest and most varied NFT assets on Cosmos, with multiple global artists, numerous NFT categories that allow different media formats, and the most popular web and mobile terminals in the whole Cosmos ecosystem.

NFT Projects in Cosmos

NFT projects on Cosmos are still in their infancy. These NFTs are not as established as those in Solana, not to mention Ethereum. You can still buy these but always DYOR. Let us take a look at the top 3 NFTs in Cosmos:

1. AnonsNFT – Anons is the #1 blue chip NFT in the Secret Network, held by a few and wanted by many. The original Secret NFT collection, which consists of 580 Anons NFTs, was released in October 2021. They are the 1st Secret Network PFP Collection, the 1st Private by Default NFT Collection, and the 1st Proof of Ownership Chat Room in the Cosmos.


2. MetaRat𝕊  – It is a collection of 3333 digital rats thriving in the sewers of $SCRT. It has over $8,38,588 total volume traded in Sashh. In fact, they are the #2 traded collection in Sashh of all time. The treasury is community-owned and has around 30K in $USDC – Not that great compared to those on Ethereum.

Metarats NFT

3. Strange Clan – Powered by Cosmos $ATOM, Akash $AKT, and Unreal EngineOne, this NFT game collection is one of the most ambitious NFT initiatives, Strange Clan is undoubtedly the most developed of all the IBC networks.

Strange Clan NFT
Strange Clan NFT

So, the best way to describe Strange Clan is as a metaverse game with all that blockchain and NFTs can offer. Town One, the initial part of Strange Clan, has 5,000 NFTs. A yet-to-be-minted Town Two will have a total of 10,000 tokens; 500 is allocated to the Passage Pioneer Program, whilst 2,000 is allocated to the holders of Passage Tokens, and the remaining is still under wraps.


For NFTs, Cosmos seems prepared in armor and swords. Even though the Cosmos NFT ecosystem is still in its infancy, numerous projects are now working to advance this field.

The most lucrative rewards from this fascinating new NFT sector are still to come. Why not repeat what is possible on Ethereum? It will be intriguing to see if specialized ecosystems like Cosmos can eventually rival Ethereum.

However, Ethereum continues to have an incredible networking influence that is challenging to match. At the end of the day, it could be logical to adhere to Cosmos’ original concept that “We all grow together.”

I’m eager to witness how all ecosystems develop together and leverage one another’s network effects through interoperability protocols like IBC. This is exactly what we can achieve by connecting Ethereum with Cosmos!

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