Yesterday, McDonald’s announced they were getting in the NFT game, with the release of ten McRib NFTs. This is one of the first major steps into the NFT world by a mainstream conglomerate. As NFT buyers and hodlers have seen for a while, this is an extremely valuable space, and more and more mainstream entities are going to enter looking to extract value:

How Do I Win A McRib?

All you need to do for a chance to win the McRib NFT is retweet the above tweet from a public Twitter account to win.

And as with any large company entering a new space, they bring their way of doing things with them and try to force it on the new consumers.

In order to win you also need to:

  • Be 18+
  • Live in one of the 50 US States
  • Provide KYC verification

In addition, you do not receive:

  • Rights to create derivative works of the McRib NFT

Seems almost the complete opposite of what NFTs have been and stood for the last few years. Typically when you buy or are given an NFT, that is a decentralized protocol available to anyone, without the need for KYC verification, and most importantly, that IP is now yours. You own this work of art, usually, so you are given the freedom to do what you want with it.

McDonald’s does not want to take that same approach. While still, exciting news to see NFTs gain mainstream adoption, of course, the massive companies need to change the space so they feel comfortable.

How Is Twitter Responding?

As expected, not great! Mainstream Twitter for the most part still does not understand what an NFT is, or just hate NFTs for no reason:

Also, something to be wary about, keeping an eye on popular influencers shilling collections for advertising dollars.

As more and more massive companies enter the space with huge advertising budgets to throw around, follow influencers that are transparent about their paid posts.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking payment for advertisement on Twitter! But as more massive companies enter the space and more advertising dollars are available to spend, be careful of who is paid to talk about some products. Some will be sweepstakes or giveaways with the McRib NFT that are free to enter. Very soon, you will need to pay for these collections and there are influencers that will not be as transparent. Do your research!

Remember always to do your research, make your own decisions and invest in projects that interest you!

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