The AN1 (Another1) team is launching Project NAYOM1. This celebrates the 10-year anniversary of ‘The Blade’ Silhouette. Now they are available as an exclusive NFT collection. Get your NFT with the 1000 pairs of limited edition ‘NAYOM1 Blade’ heels. Let’s get phygital!

This is a web3 project in which Another1 and Casadei collaborate. Another1 has both its own phygital projects like this AND a launchpad for other phygital fashion projects. So, let’s have a look at NAYOM1 close-up.

What Is NAYOM1?

NAYOM1 is a collaboration with Another1 on one side. On the other side, we have Italian luxury shoe designer Casadei. Together, they gave ‘The Blade’ Silhouette a futuristic makeover. This resulted in a phygital and exclusive NFT collection. Once you get one of the 1000 pairs of limited edition ‘NAYOM1 Blade’ NFTs, you get a physical pair of shoes as well. The shoes have an integrated NFC chip.

Besides having a physical shoe or exclusive heels, you also have an NFT that comes with benefits. For example, look at the following utility.

  • You have a limited-edition NFC-chipped Blade shoe. This comes in specific sizes.
  • A 3D NFT 
  • A Unique PFP avatar
  • Decentraland metaverse wearable and experience
  • An entry into the AN1 community

Ricardo Cook is Casadei’s designer of these stunning heels. The NFT drop takes place in the futuristic Blade Runner 2049 setting. Besides Ricardo, there was more support for this project. For example,

  • Renowned digital artist HardMetaCore gave artistic support.
  • Design Accelerator gave digital support.

Casadei is working hard to get its spot in the web3 space. This is the second web3 venture of theirs. Earlier this year, they had a Blade 2022 spring collection going digital.

See the video below to get an idea of how the heels look in a Blade Runner 2049 setting.

The NAYOM1 Mint

There’s a private sale only for Whitelisted spots. Mark 20th October, 6 PM UTC. They follow this up with a public mint on 21st October, 6 PM UTC. The mint price is $1000. The launch takes place on the Another1 launchpad.

What makes these NFTs stand out, is that you get to keep both the digital NFT and the physical heels. The NFTs don’t get burned once you receive the physical shoes. The next short video gives you another good Blade Runner vibe. This means added benefits for you and more utility for the NFT than just holding your place in line like a reservation code.


With the NAYOM1 NFT launch, you can get your hands on an exclusive phygital NFT. The exclusive Italian fashion house Casadei designed the heels. They are a tribute to ‘The Blade’ Silhouette. However, they received a futuristic makeover. Set in the Blade Runner 2049 movie, the results are stunning. The shoes, the art, the whole package!

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