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Many NFT collections are coming almost every day that are having colossal exposition and success. Therefore, take a look at one of the rarest and funniest nowadays. 

The GoblinLab NFT has recently dropped a teaser for their new project releasing on Wednesday 20th. Goblin Labs have 22,000 followers on Twitter and 33,000 in Discord. People seem to like the project on Twitter as well. In addition, AltcoinBuzz gave it a new review. Let’s take a look at the most critical samples of this NFT initiative, with the opinion of some supporters:

Also, it’s important to say that Goblin Labs is releasing its latest designs on October 27th

Goblin Lab NFT exposition

Source: Goblin Lab

A New Idea in the Space

This is not just a hand-drawn, generative pfp with 50 randomized traits that we see released daily. Instead, Goblin Laboratory gives users the chance to create their own NFTs. Each feature is hand-drawn and has varying rarity, taking assets from the last decade of Gossip Goblin’s career. Users take these traits and use the innovative drag and drop software to create a personalized Goblin.

Why Should You Buy GoblinLab NFTs?

Gossip Goblin is the artist behind the popular Solana project, Galactic Geckos. Minted on September 22nd, for 2 $SOL, the floor currently sits at 17 $SOL on Solanart. Aside from success in the past, this is genuinely innovative tech. The devs have imported 1500+ hours of intricate illustration work into tech we haven’t seen in NFTs before. There is a rich story and lore behind the project that followers seem to get behind as well.

Other Things You Need to Know About GoblinLab NFT

To mint a GoblinLab NFT, users need a Goblin brain. Each brain contains randomized metadata that assigns traits of varying rarity to their goblin. These traits can then be combined and customized in the Laboratory.

On the other hand, 11,111 goblin brains will be mintable for 3 $SOL. This may be a steep price for some, but each NFT comes with a mint pass for future launches. Sentinels will be available free for Goblin holders in November 2021. This also includes all future Goblin Lab projects.

We rate this project with a 9/10.

This is a project everyone in the space should have their eyes on. Expect the brains to mint fast and resell at a high cost. The art style is phenomenal, and the time put into creating each asset shows through the art. The team has a proven track record and devoted followers on both Twitter and Discord. Everything indicates that this is a community many people in the space will want to be a part of.

Of course, remember to do your research and make your own decisions. Invest in projects that interest you and projects you think will be successful.

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