Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory Invades NFT.NYC

Something that has started to appear more and more in my feed recently is Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory. With NFT.NYC underway, Tom Sachs has created a scavenger hunt across the city. NFT.NYC is the leading NFT conference, attracting the most influential names in the space every year.

But this isn’t just any scavenger hunt.

This is an IRL scavenger hunt with NFT rewards valued at a floor of 1.85 ETH. Merging the real world with the digital, Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory has found a way to actually create a strong community that every collection promises.

What Is Tom Sachs Rocket Factory?

This project is the true intersection between the NFT space and the real world. Each rocket features 3 NFT components:

  • Nose
  • Body
  • Tail

When you collect one of each piece, you can combine and burn them to create a complete rocket. Perfect Rockets have matching components while FrankenRockets have mismatched parts.

When you have a completed rocket, you can choose to launch it. This is where the real-world component comes in.

When the owner chooses a launch date for their rocket, construction starts on a physical rocket. The physical rocket is an exact copy of each piece used in the construction of the NFT completed rocket!

Physical rocket launches will take place across the U.S. and Europe. The rocket launches are recorded and attached to the metadata of the Completed Rocket NFT.

But that’s not all. Each rocket launch comes with a recovery effort to find the rocket in one, or many, pieces. If found, or accessible, it’s collected and shipped to the holder in a custom display case.

Scavenger Hunt

As collections try to stand out at NFT.NYC, Tom Sachs created a cross-city scavenger hunt with NFT rewards.

Tweeting each clue from the official TSRF account, a cross-city frenzy is underway. Both popular influencers and normal NFT collectors are getting in on the action:

They are announcing more questions every hour! If you are in New York City, pay attention to the Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory tweets. It just might be a nice payday for you or the start of your own rocket. Currently, as mentioned earlier, the floor price for a rocket component is Ξ1.85. With only 1000 of each component, a total of 1000 rockets can be made. Constructing a complete rocket is not an easy task, especially a Perfect Rocket. The current floor price for an unlaunched, Perfect Rocket is Ξ110.

Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory is the perfect intersection between the real world and the digital world. The scavenger hunt sees some very cool rockets constructed due to recognizable brands on every component. People interested in getting not only a valuable NFT with a rabid community behind it but a piece of physical art that they customized and had a hand in creating, need to take a look at Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory.

Remember to always do your research, make your own decisions, and invest in projects that interest you!

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