Top 3 NFT Collections in Polygon

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have revolutionized the world of digital art and collectibles. They represent a unique and valuable asset that can be owned, traded, and verified on the blockchain.

One of the most popular blockchain platforms for NFTs is Polygon (previously known as Matic Network). Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution. As a result, it offers faster and cheaper transactions compared to Ethereum. This article will explore the top three Polygon NFT collections that have gained popularity among collectors and investors. But first, what are Polygon NFT collections?

What Are Polygon NFT Collections?

Polygon NFT collections are digital assets created, verified, and traded on the Polygon blockchain and available on many marketplaces. These NFTs can represent various things. For example, they can include artwork and music to virtual real estate and gaming assets. Polygon’s low transaction fees and faster processing times have made it a popular choice for creators and collectors.

Trump NFT Collection
Source: Trump NFT Collection
What Are the Top 3 Polygon NFT Collections?
1. Trump Cards

The Trump Cards collection is a satirical take on the former U.S. president, Donald Trump. The NFTs feature various caricatures of Trump. In addition, it includes humorous captions and pop culture references.

The collection has gained a cult following among Trump supporters and detractors alike. Some NFTs are selling for thousands of dollars. Every time someone buys a card, they will enter a lottery with 1,000 prizes. The most prominent are in-person meetings with Trump. It can include a dinner in Miami or a meet & greet at his Palm Beach resort. On top of that, you can win a Zoom meeting or golf for one hour.

Additionally, whoever purchases 45 of these digital cards will be guaranteed a ticket for a gala dinner with the former president. It will take place on a finalized date in South Florida.

  • Supply: 45,000
  • Launched: December 15, 2022
  • Floor: $933.38
  • Market cap: $1,147,905,215,807
Lens Protocol
Source: LensProtocol NFT Collection
2. Lens Protocol

The Lens Protocol is a decentralized social graph that utilizes NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The Lens Protocol has gained popularity among gamers and developers looking to create decentralized virtual worlds.

Lens Protocol allows its users to create a decentralized social graph. Lens launched on Polygon, an open-source protocol. It means anyone can build whatever they want with it.

To create a link between profiles, Lens uses NFTs. You can sign in using linked services like “ORCID” or “LinkedIn” if you forget your email and passwords to connect to Lens.

  • Supply: 110,927
  • Launched: 2022
  • Floor: $141.72
  • Market cap: $15,720,365.14

Some use cases of the protocol include:

A. Lenster
Lenster is the first application launched on Protocol Lens. It is a decentralized version of Twitter. On this platform, you own your data. You don’t leave an email address or IP address. Also, you don’t have to share your geolocation. The only thing you share is your username.

Unlike the centralized system, they cannot “shut down” the platform since it uses blockchain technology. The only downside regarding UX is the occasional transaction signatures. On Lenster, it is also possible to collect publications in the form of Lenster post NFTs. It is also possible to add a price to obtain an NFT. It is a new way to monetize its content.

B. Lenstube
Another great app that uses Lens is Lenstube. It is a decentralized version of YouTube. Unlike YouTube, where videos are stored centrally, on Lenstube, everything is stored on IPFS. Content creators on Lenstube can turn their videos into NFTs. They can decide whether to offer them for free or charge their community to access the content.

Subscribers can then buy, collect and sell their favorite NFTs, creating a secondary market. Another option on Lenstube is Set Super Follow. It allows creators to set an amount to pay. It also enables users to access all their content without giving a significant share to a third party.

Aavegotchi NFT collection
3. Aavegotchi

Aavegotchis are crypto-collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721). Also, it is one of the earliest NFT projects to launch on Polygon. It is probably the most original and followed hybrid project of recent times. It presents the best of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The Aavegotchi is a unique NFT. It represents a digital ghost that can be trained and equipped with various items. Aavegotchi is part of the Aave DeFi platform. It can be used as collateral for loans or staked for rewards. It also has a passionate community of collectors and players. Everyone is constantly seeking to enhance and customize their digital pets.

Aavegotchi allows scalable NFTs too. The Aavegotchi founder recently announced a lite paper dedicated to a “Gotchiverse,” a gamified metaverse. The NFT project has a native token, $GHST. The $GHST token allows you to obtain $FRENS (tokens with no market value). This, in turn, will allow you to buy tickets (NFTs). Each ticket allows you to win NFTs to pimp your future little ghosts.

On the one hand, you deposit $GHST tokens as collateral. Also, you can generate new FRENS tokens to earn NFTs.

Aavegotchi has three attributes that determine its overall value and rarity in the Aavegotchi universe. These include collateral stakes, (personality) traits, and accessories.

  • Supply: 44,577,297 GHST
  • Launched: March 2, 2021
  • Floor: $0.12
  • Market cap: €46,515,149
So, How So You Buy Polygon NFT Collections on Magic Eden?

Magic Eden is a popular marketplace for buying and selling Polygon NFTs. To purchase an NFT on Magic Eden, you must create an account and connect your Polygon wallet.

Once you have funds in your wallet, you can browse the collections and choose the NFT you want to purchase. Click the “Buy Now” or “Make an Offer” button to confirm the transaction. The NFT will be transferred to your wallet once the transaction is complete.

How Do You Mint Polygon NFTs on Magic Eden?

Are you a creator looking to mint your own Polygon NFTs? Magic Eden has a simple and user-friendly platform that allows you to do so.

After creating an account and connecting your Polygon wallet, select the “Mint NFT” option. Then follow the steps to upload your artwork or other digital assets. You can set the price and other parameters for your NFT. Then, publish it on the marketplace for others to buy.


Polygon NFT collections have opened up a new world of digital assets. They are unique, verifiable, and tradeable. The top three collections we’ve explored in this article, Trump Cards, Lens Protocol, and Aavegotchi, represent the diversity and creativity of the Polygon NFT ecosystem. Whether you’re a collector, investor, or creator, Polygon NFTs offer exciting opportunities and potential for growth.

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