DeFi and NFT projects

DeFi and NFT projects are launched practically every day, resulting in exceptional revenues. That’s why in this article, we want to show you the ones that will lead their sectors shortly.

Did you know that the minimum ROI is 5.09x, and the ATH ROI is 19.03x in the Poolz launchpad? There are many DeFi and NFT projects that are having tremendous success in their early days. Meanwhile, the best performance is from BSC Pad which ROI is 25.45x, and ATH ROI is 76x. Do you want to continue losing these kinds of opportunities? Please read this article to take advantage of them. Here are more stats:

Performance IDO and launchapds

Source: Twitter

1. Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox, not to be confused with The Sandbox Metaverse, is a physics-based sandbox shooting game. Using a building tool, players may personalize anything in their inventory. Create and own venues to battle other players in various game types with your own NFT weaponry and accessories.

Planet Sandbox

Source: Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox’s gameplay attracts us since it is a completely immersive Virtual Reality game with aspects of Augmented Reality. You may explore the planet, acquire land, fight your way through the game, and construct your base NFT. You may make money by winning battles and selling your NFTs in the market.

The game has three modes:

  1. Builder Mode: As a sandbox owner, you may personalize your property with an infinite number of NFT objects like buildings, cars, and weapons. The land will be turned into a business that can sell it or generate passive revenue through a rental scheme.
  2. Multiplayer Mode: The players can join other lands and play different Multiplayer modes.
  3. PvE Mode: In the PvE Mode, the players need to save the base from Zombies, soldiers, etc., to earn prizes (NFT items, token & lootbox).

On the other hand, Planet Sandbox has received $1.5 million in funding from some renowned gaming venture capitalists. These include ZBS Capital, MoonWhale Ventures, Magnus Capital, to name a few. Incubators include Icetea Labs and ExNetwork Capital.

Also, Planet Sandbox’s economy is based on two tokens. The Governance Token is utilized for in-game transactions, buying and selling NFTs, staking, and governance. Compared to its larger competitors, Sandbox Game (Market Cap of $600 M) and Decentraland (Market Cap of USD 1.3 Billion), Planet Sandbox has a TGE Market Cap of USD 475,000. This indicates it has a lot of potentials to grow.

How to Get Involved in Planet Sandbox

The Planet Sandbox IDO will launch in RedKite and GameFi launchpads at the beginning of October. After the IDO launch, the game will be listed in Pancakeswap.

  1. RedKite

To participate in Redkite, you will need to pass through a KYC verification, achieve a tier and apply to the whitelist. The whitelist ends in 2 days.

Also, you need to stake a minimum of 500 $PKF tokens to get one ticket. On the other hand, you will get a guaranteed allocation if you stake 40,000 $PKF. You can see all the details in RedKite.

Planet Sandbox IDO

Source: Red Kite

2. GameFi

You can also participate in this IDO in the GameFi launchpad. Firstly, you need to achieve a tier and apply to the whitelist. The whitelist finish on September 29th. Also, Planet Sandbox will be launched in GameFi on October 6th.

GameFi Planet Sandbox

Source: GameFi

On the other hand, GameFi gives you one ticket for staking a minimum of 20 $GAFI tokens (Rookie Tier) in the platform. You will get a maximum allocation of USD 60. Your tier will increase the more you stake. You can find more information in GameFi.

2. Minterest

Minterest is a one-of-a-kind lending system that provides decentralized token money marketplaces to customers. It is designed to compete with Polkadot-focused platforms such as Reef Finance. It guarantees the most significant long-term returns and, as a result, high liquidity. Minterest claims to provide the best long-term returns in the industry.

Minterest yield DeFi

Source: Minterest

By utilizing its buy-back mechanism, the protocol passes on 100% of revenue generated to its community of active participants. All protocol money is used to acquire the $MNT token on the market and distribute it back to token holders. The protocol is presently in its early stages and includes the basic economy, automatic liquidations module, buy-back mechanism, and other features.

On the other hand, Minterest has raised USD 6.5 million from influential investors like KR1, DFG, and CMS.

Also, the Minterest tokenomics is not live yet. However, we have come to know that the Minterest Token will have a Fully Diluted Valuation at TGE of USD 100 million and a market cap at TGE of USD 1.95 million at launch. This TGE Market Cap is pretty low compared to its competitors like AAVE, which has a market cap of USD 3.7 billion, and Compound that has a market cap of USD 1.9 billion.

Finally, the exact date of the IDO is unknown. However, the Public Sale will begin in November 2021. Platforms have not been decided on. CEX Listings will be taking place in Q1 2022

3. Altered State Machine (ASM)

Altered State Machine is a platform for creating and training A.I. agents, represented by NFTs that may learn and perform actions inside a metaverse. For example, with ASM’s technology, anybody may develop an A.I. agent to produce art and then sell it on its own within a metaverse. Also, ASM’s NFTs are fully compatible with major platforms like OpenSEA.

Altered State Machine

Source: Altered State Machine

This is a game-changer for the usage of NPC agents in gaming, trading the metaverse, and much more. Previously, only developers and businesses could own, control, and employ A.I. agents.

It’s important to mention that Altered State Machine has a pending patent for the ownership of AI ML models via NFTs.

On the other hand, Altered State Machine has a native token, $ASTO, that will be used for:

  • Governance 
  • A.I. Agent Training
  • Minting Agent NFTs 
  • Powerups, instant improvements, items, and skins

Altered State Machine Uses Cases

  1. AIFA Football Game: ASM will launch their first game called “AIFA FOOTBALL” GAME” with 3D football-playing mini characters. AIFA character and the yield farming will be finished with protocol V2’s development.


Source: Altered State Machine

This game is now a prototype. However, they are currently working to make a public release. AIFA will be available for P.C. and mobile. It will start to be compatible with a P.C. browser.

2. FLUF: FLUF is a metagame, 100% carbon-neutral 3D avatars, with opportunities for P2E gaming, social features.

Finally, the first chance to get involved in this project will be to receive an initial NFT content drop. This will be followed by Yield Farming and Governance rewards. The NFT-drop program will be launched in October 2021, along with the start of token distribution.

4. Creaticles

Creaticles is a decentralized application platform where anybody can create customized NFTs. It is a cross-chain platform on Ethereum, Polygon, and will be launched in the Binance Smart Chain soon.

Creaticles NFT

Source: Creaticles

Creaticles is the first-of-its-kind NFT Request Marketplace. It is chain-agnostic and will be first deployed across Ethereum and Polygon, followed by Binance Smart Chain and others. Unlike other NFT marketplaces, Creaticles is a place where buyers and collectors can request their own NFTs.

Therefore, these are three ways of how this NFT platform can be used:

  • Crypto startups want NFTs to celebrate special milestones, including partnerships, testnet launch, mainnet launch, etc.
  • Traditional companies and enterprises looking to play in the NFT space and want to source talented artists and art
  • Individuals looking for specific designs that are unique to their own experiences, such as anniversaries, graduations, or other special events

On the other hand, $CRTL is the native token of Creaticles, where users can use it to pay for NFTs, do staking, and participate in governance voting. These are other use cases:

  • Rewards for token holders
  • Minted tokens represent reputation
  • Spend tokens to get a premium allocation.

Finally, the Creaticles testnet was launched in July 2021. However, the launch date of the Mainnet Tokens is not yet disclosed. Do keep an eye on the social handles. As soon as we come to know of their upcoming Milestone, we will let you know.

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