Top 4 NFT Collections in TEZOS

Tezos is a versatile, security-focused, open-source blockchain designed to power the Web 3.0 revolution. Like every other popular Layer 1 solution, Tezos supports dApps, smart contracts, and on-chain governance. But what helps Tezos to stand out is its revolutionary approach towards non-fungible tokens.

Any blockchain enthusiast with a little coding knowledge can mint an NFT hassle-free on Tezos. The user-friendly wallets, cheap transaction fees, and highly customizable minting process make Tezos a strong contender for the best NFT chain.

Like Ethereum, Tezos also has several NFT marketplaces operating on its platform. Users can mint, buy, or trade NFTs on these platforms, and each market will have different platform fees, royalties, etc. Most offer unique user experiences and art types listed on their platform. Some well-known marketplaces in the Tezos network are Objkt, Teia, Fxhash, and Kalamint.

Tezos NFT collections

Tezos has swiftly emerged as the blockchain of preference for artists and creatives wishing to issue non-fungible tokens for their digital works of art, music, and other creative pursuits. From Formula 1 to fashion, big brands are now joining the fun. Now let’s look at some prominent NFT collections on the Tezos network.

Hic et Nunc

Hic et Nunc was the biggest NFT marketplace on the Tezos network. In fact, it was a true pioneer in the Tezos NFT space. The fact that Hic et Nunc is still the top trending NFT topic in Tezos speaks volumes about the popularity it had. Even though the marketplace went down and the founder erased its Twitter existence, the community held the collection as their favorite.

Since the marketplace was open-source to its core, many forks emerged out of it, such as Objkt and Teia. In fact, Teia replaced Hic et Nunc in all aspects.

Most interestingly, the Hic et Nunc NFT collection does not have a single artist behind it, nor it has a common theme. It is a collection of artwork by several artists and creators available in the Teia platform. Since Teia was a direct fork of Hic et Nunc, the collection in Objkt retains the name Hic et Nunc.

The collection has 711K unique NFTs that occupy a gigantic volume of 16.6M $XTZ. The floor price varies from as little as 0.1 $XTZ to 200 $XTZ and more.

Hic et nunc Tezos NFTs
Hic et Nunc Tezos NFTs

For more information, collectors should follow the collection’s official Twitter account, visit the official website, or purchase on

The Devils NFT Collection

The Devils are 7,777 unique digital collectibles representing the legacy of the Manchester United football club. Tezos has signed a multi-year contract with Manchester United, one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world. The network is currently the training kit sponsor and the blockchain partner of the club. Devils are more than just NFTs. These NFTs have numerous utilities inscribed in their traits. Some unique traits can combine with legendary moments in the club’s history to unlock digital and physical rewards. Also, Devils can function as a pass to secret Discord channels in Discord!

Each NFT contains seven traits that contribute to its rarity and rewards. Be it the shape of a Devil’s horns or a mischievous smile, each attribute has a unique story to tell the world.

Although the fans have purchased all the Devils listed on the official Manchester United website, the collection is now available on the secondary market. At the time of writing the article, devils has produced around 278K $XTZ volume and a 44 $XTZ floor price.

Red Devils NFT
Red Devils Tezos NFT

For more information, collectors should follow the collection’s official Twitter account, visit the official website, or purchase on

Tezzards Tezos NFT Collection

Tezzards is a collection of programmatically and randomly generated avatars on the Tezos blockchain. Created by artist George Goodwin, each avatar is unique and hand-drawn. So, each Tezzard has Goodwin’s distinct cartoon aesthetic.

Tezzards NFTs
Tezzards NFTs on Tezos

Every one of the 4,200 Tezzards NFTs combines 97 hand-drawn traits. The collection also includes six super-rare, one-of-a-kind Tezzards that Goodwin himself hand-drew in addition to the 4,194 randomly generated ones made in the initial mint.

These “snazzy” lizards have won the admiration of the NFT community since their 2021 launch. The website for the project boasts that iconic NFT collectors like Chris Wallace, Artchick.eth, and Jesse Altman are among its most prominent holders.

What makes Tezzards is its unique anti-whale mechanism. A user can buy only 10 Tezzards at a time. However, to the disappointment of holders, utilities are yet to be announced for the collection.

The collection claims to be the first provably limited generative profile picture drop on Tezos. Tezzards has a floor price of 189 $XTZ and a total volume of 1.93 million $XTZ. For more information, collectors should follow the collection’s official Twitter account, visit the official website, or purchase on

Dogami Tezos NFT Collection

Remember the Nintendogs? If you do and are now wondering what happened to the virtual puppies you used to adore as a child, Dogami is the ideal project for you!

Essentially, Dogami is a vital part of the “Petaverse” that has more than 300 different dog breeds, each with its own traits and attributes.

Dogami NFT Collection
Dogami NFT Collection

The collection of digitally created dogs is part of a play-to-earn game. Users can collect these NFTs, become part of the “petaverse,” and earn $DOGA coins. The collection has over 300 breeds of dogs, each with unique traits and characteristics.

A user who “adopts” a Dogami, a 3D NFT of a dog, is free to raise their new virtual pet and even engage with it on their phone using the AR-enabled mobile app by the project.

Various planned incentives are also available to encourage owners to take excellent care of their virtual canines. Users can teach their dogs to develop attributes that will improve their ability to participate in in-app challenges and earn rewards in $DOGA, the game’s native token.

$DOGA coin also has its own utilities like membership in the Doga Council, access to limited edition digital wearables, breeding of Dogami during love seasons, and eligibility to purchase exclusive physical products.

The Dogami collection has four rarity levels: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond, with diamond being the rarest. Besides rarity levels, a Dogami’s rarity score includes fur color, eye color, personality (dominant and recessive), generation, etc. A higher score means higher rates of rewards and other exclusive benefits.

The project has partnerships with Ubisoft, Sandbox, Animoca Brands, Bpifrance, XAnge, and Draper Goren Holm. Dogami have also donated $50,000 to the Best Friends Animal Society as a part of their efforts to support animal welfare across the globe.

The floor price of the Dogami NFT is 98.99 $XTZ, and the total volume is currently at 2.26M $XTZ. The collection is now available in Objkt and Rarible.

Final Thoughts

Tezos has become host to various exciting new NFT collections on its NFT marketplaces. The relatively low mint price and platform fees make it an attractive option for new and veteran creators.

The energy-efficient and green nature of the Tezos network is reflected even in NFTs. And this greener NFT option by Tezos could drive volume in the next bull run.

After all, in the eye of the mainstream, NFTs are notorious for extensive energy wastage. Maybe Tezos could grapple away Ethereum’s grip on the NFT market. Time will tell.


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